Biting Issues SOS

Posted By: Jayhawk

Biting Issues SOS - 07/16/14 08:45 PM

My glider has started to bite my hand when I put it anywhere near her. She isnt being malicious, just looking for more treats I would assume. I feed her yogies as a treat, so I would guess that my fingers smell like them which might be causing her to bite. I've tried making a fist so that she can't get my skin, but she continues to search around my hand and bite at different parts..and lemme tell you, in between my fingers does NOT feel very good lol. Anyway, I tried making the psst sound at her when she starts to bite, but she just does not care. I don't want to pull my hand away because I dont want her to start thinking I am afraid of her, but she does not stop biting and if she does not get a treat the first time, she just bites down harder which really hurts. Can anyone please give me some advice on how to handle this?
Posted By: nick

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 07/16/14 11:58 PM

I use the bitter apple spray I rub it on my hands and then I only bit one or two times
Posted By: nick

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 07/16/14 11:59 PM

I use the bitter apple spray I rub it on my hands and then I only bit one or two times
Posted By: Typhoonkitty

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 07/17/14 12:21 AM

I make the psst sound and if Kiki doesn't stop, I'll give incredibly gentle swipe on her nose. It's barely a touch but it gets her attention. A couple of times of this and she will normally (key word here, it depends on her mood. She is a woman after all!) will stop.
Posted By: Jayhawk

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 07/17/14 01:11 AM

Do you still have to continually use the spray nick? Or did your gliders eventually stop trying
Posted By: nick

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 07/17/14 02:03 AM

Posted By: Jayhawk

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 07/17/14 03:22 AM

Ooook, but that was a serious question...
Posted By: kaat9

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 08/28/14 09:01 AM

my situation sounds exactly the same with the hand biting and i too nick would like to know if you continually have to use the spray or if they eventually stopped biting. i dont understand the histarical laughing smiley....its not helpful at all.
Posted By: dinah505

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 08/28/14 03:39 PM

how old is your joey? my Boo went threw a teenager stage where she bit me or what I will call "aggressive tasting" bites some drew blood. Usually when a glider bites it is scared. I usually offer mine the back of me hand until the biting stage passes. The biting stage lasted a month she doesn't bite much now.
Posted By: kaat9

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 08/30/14 06:02 AM

my gliders are 8 months oop, bother and sister. my male is neutered. I have had them since 7 weeks oop. i know bonding takes a while but holy crap i didnt think it would be months and months and months. i just keep working with them but it is so frustrating and discouraging since both of them have been biting me any time a hand is presented ever since I got them. i read about other people supper nice gliders that just want to snuggle and hang out with them but my gliders are so far from that. I had to separate them last month because my female bit my male and caused a wound which I had to take him to the vet for. the only way i can take them out of their cage is if they are inside their pouch sleeping or if i pick them up with a piece of fleece, but even with the fleece if it is night time and they are awake they flail so hard when i try to pick them up and if they get any skin they bite...hard, and if i try to just hold them they immediately try to jump off me. if i take out the pouch mid-day I can peel back the pouch to expose their faces and pet with one finger with no bites but if i try to take them out and hold them they bite the entire time and then just try to jump away. Petting or touching in the cage is a no go at all. They dont want to come to me at all when i open the cage and when i am changing out their food each night if they are brave enough to approach my hand its an automatic bite. they have toys in their cage. ropes and plastic links, jingle balls and a wheel that they run in non stop. i feed treats like a winning slot machine and try to work with them each night but i feel like progress has been 0 since the day i brought them home. i kinda feel like they just hate me and aren't going to bond. plus with all the biting and jumping away and seeming like they hate my guts i dont want to try any sort of pody training for fear of making things worse so i get peed and pooped on every time i try to hold them, which is expected but it still sucks. frown
Posted By: Typhoonkitty

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 09/01/14 02:45 AM

Oh... Patience is a must... You got these guys from babies, which is a bonus, but sometimes it takes longer than others.

I've got two rescue gliders, Kiki and Buster, approximately 4 years old. I've had them for a little over a year now. And they are quite literally, just coming to the front of the cage for treats. I still can't hold them or pet them. They see me hold and pet Jasper though, which is why I think they finally started coming to the front of the cage. They will bite me if I leave my hand in there and I don't have treats. It's a super slow process with these guys. I'm expecting it to be another year before they will come out of the cage on their own. dunno

Keep up with tent time. Keep putting cloth items that smell like you in their cage (fleece blankets work great in their pouch). If you can, get them in a bonding pouch and during the day keep them under your shirt while they are sleeping. It will happen eventually. And when it does, it will make the reward all the better. (I could have done backflips when Buster started coming to the front of the cage. He's antisocial.)
Posted By: Ela11

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 09/04/14 04:04 PM

I love how all of them have their own little personalities!
Posted By: Kesha

Re: Biting Issues SOS - 10/05/14 01:37 AM

My glider used to bite all the time. I would dress in layers of clothing to protect myself. I even would wear a coat indoors. My glider changed when he hurt his finger and I had to take him to the vet. The vet gave me some pain medicine and I had to give it 3 times a day. And before I would give it to him I had to wrap him in a wash cloth to secure his head between my fingers so that he would swallow the medicine. After I did that for about 1 week straight. I think he realized I was the dominant one and he stopped biting. I'm not sure if he realize how much I really love him b y helping to relueve his pain 3 times a day. But his whole personality changed and he stopped biting and he became a more affectionate. Niw he lets me rub him all the time. I read simetimes gliders bite because they are being rebellious or showing dominance.
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