female gliders fighting

Posted By: MatracaD

female gliders fighting - 10/18/14 07:17 AM

I've had my two female glider together for a year and now all of a sudden one of my females chases the other one around the cage and picks fights with the other one and I don't know why can anyone give me some advice on what's going on and how I can fix this? They have a 3ft cage and 3 pouchs a wheel and toys.
Posted By: Feather

Re: female gliders fighting - 10/18/14 11:44 AM

It could be several things, they could be deciding another dominant female in the group or fighting over food.

How many food stations do you offer? You can try multiple food stations and getting the food into the cage before they wake up. I would put three food stations in there, just divide their usual food into three stations and put them at different levels throughout the cage.

Are they only fighting at certain times of the month? Either one or the other could be in heat.

Try the different food stations and see if things let up a bit.
Posted By: MatracaD

Re: female gliders fighting - 03/05/15 10:03 PM

We tried that and they are still fighting she even tried separating them but they barked for each other so long so she put them back together. I've sat and watched then Coco can just be sitting there doing nothing when Nala decides to attack her for no reason. Nala fights Coco for everything she does for doesn't do but if you separate them they just bark for each other. She doesn't know what else to do.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: female gliders fighting - 03/06/15 06:41 AM

Have you observed when they fight?

Do they fight when they are in the pouch together?

Is it a toy?

Have you changed out toys so they have something new to explore?

Have they bonded with you?

Have you changed anything in their diet?

Mine have issues if one stays on us and the other plays on it's own. But its just a matter of re marking. I was concerned at first, but they were fine after a few minutes.
Posted By: MatracaD

Re: female gliders fighting - 03/07/15 06:31 AM

yes they have bonded to my friend she's had them for over a year now and the younger one Nala goes after Coco for everything food, water, Coco can just be sitting there doing nothing and from across the cage Nala will jump at her and fight. They do fight in the pouch too. Nala seems to be starting all the fights. its been like this for about a month or two now I what my friend says. She doesn't want to get rid of Nala she's so sweet so she wants to know what she can do to fix this. They have toys but she has not changed them out and the food is the same as always. Nala hordes food so she tried putting more food bowls but that didn't work they still fight. She said some nights she can't sleep because they wake her up fighting we can't seem to figure out way they fight.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: female gliders fighting - 03/07/15 01:37 PM

Try putting their food where it is at different levels in the cage, and maybe set the dishes so they can't be seen from another dish.

Also try putting the food dishes in the cage before they wake up. This helps my girls a lot.

I offer my girls at least two sleeping pouches, sometimes 3 depending on how I set up their cage weekly.

Gliders love new experiences, and foraging toys are part of their enrichment.

I have a plastic easter egg I will put a treat in, and if they figure out how to open it, I replace it with a toothbrush cap with a hinged lid, I I also have a milk cap toy that treats or favorite fruit can be tucked away into.
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Re: female gliders fighting - 03/09/15 02:49 AM

Changing up their cage may help as well. Give her something else to focus on instead of Coco.
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: female gliders fighting - 03/09/15 12:36 PM

When was their last vet visit? A sudden change in behavior usually warrants a check up.
Posted By: MatracaD

Re: female gliders fighting - 03/09/15 10:39 PM

Okay thanks and I'll let her know all this plus a vet check is probably due by now.
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