Posted By: Kristina

Crabbing - 10/23/14 09:54 PM

Hello everyone,

This is probably a topic that is always being over-asked about, but I am simply curious to hear what other, more experienced glider owners have to say about this. I have had her for about 3 months, and I'm have not completed decided whether we are bonded or not. Sometimes she's overjoyed to see me, and other times, like today, she couldn't have been unhappier. She was crabbing at me and she actually bit me out of anger for the first time today frown However, between crabs, she was purring. Does anyone have any idea what this means? As well as clues of established bonding. That would be lovely. Thank you so much in advanced.

Posted By: Terry

Re: Crabbing - 10/23/14 09:58 PM

Building trust takes time, and sometimes it seems like it can go a step backwards, but no worry, keep working at it and it will bloom forward.

She could have just not been in a good mood, or maybe just felt disturbed, it could be the time of day or what she's doing. Maybe, even could be crabby during her "heat" time, not sure if they do that or not. Either way, if she doesn't want to be bothered, leave her be, and wait till another time to spend with her.
Posted By: yiyo

Re: Crabbing - 10/24/14 12:29 PM

Can you give us some details what your routine is with her?

That will help us determine what you may be able to improve on or switch up in order to move forward with her.
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