Female Gliders fighting

Posted By: Sunny

Female Gliders fighting - 01/09/15 07:33 AM

Some info about my babies:
I have 3 sugar gliders, a neutered male and two females. I've have them for a bit less than a year now (their first annual checkup is an two months). At first I only had one, Lilo, that I got stupidly on impulse without researching. Luckily I quickly researched them like crazy and brought her to my vet because she had parasites (luckily that were easily treated).

Soon after (as in as soon as Lilo had a clean bill of health) I got two more, Stitch (the male) and Nani (the other female). Lilo had always been more timid but they had all gotten along until about a month and a half ago. Nani had started keeping Lilo from sleeping in the pouch with Stitch and attacks her if she even tries to enter. One time Lilo spent the whole day sitting on the cage floor (I added extra pouches since then). Then Lilo was never allowed to sleep with the others and I was really worried about her not getting social time.

Also Nani seemed to just get more aggressive, chasing Lilo around the cage. At this point I separated them. The aggressive female has been separated for nearly a month now (every reintroduction attempt ends badly, Lilo is terrified of her even when they are not actively fighting). I can get them to sleep happily and coexist in a pouch together but as soon as they really wake up Nani is having none of it.

I need some serious help I love all my babies and I hate to have them fighting. I want them to be together and happy and this fiasco has been causing a lot of sleepless night for me just watching to make sure Nani isn't killing Lilo. (BTW Stitch is the most mellow thing in existence and he gets along great with both the gals)

I'm really afraid Nani and Lilo might just never get along (and rehoming would be so sad)... Any advice you all can give would be greatly appreciated! I'm ready to try just about anything!
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Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/09/15 01:02 PM

sounds like they 2 girls are fighting to see who is the boss, and your winner is claiming your male as her prize only. One of the more knowledgeable members can shine more light on this but this is my opinion..
Posted By: Terry

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/09/15 05:55 PM

Sadly, it may be that you may just have to have two separate colonies and get a new friend for your Lilo. If that's the case, I recommend another young female or neutered male joey that hasn't grown territorial yet, doesn't have to be a baby, but maybe 5-6 months I think.

I'm really hoping someone that has more experience comes along quickly to help you with this dilemma, as I am sure it is most unnerving and stressful for you and your little Lilo. I always find it sad when gliders don't get along.
Posted By: Sunny

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/09/15 06:18 PM

Thank you all for your input, unfortunately I feel like I'm down to two options; re-home one of the girls or get another glider.

Right now I have the bigger cage with lilo and stitch and a smaller cage with isolated Nani. I guess I could build another big cage for Lilo and another (but breaking up lilo and stitch makes me so sad since they get along so well)

Every option seems really sad frown I'm not sure I can even take two cages with me when I go to college (next year, I was planning to only have to take one...)
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/09/15 06:36 PM

Since Nani is already isolated, you may try getting a very submissive male for her since she doesn't seem to want another female around.

Are you staying in the dorms or just attending day classes?
Posted By: Sunny

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/09/15 07:36 PM

I'm not going to be staying in the dorms, and I'm going to be going to a college near where I live (I'm probably getting an apartment)

I need to look into getting a male for Nani to be with, would I be better off getting an adult I can predict or a younger one? And I agree she simply doesn't seem to like other female gliders.
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/09/15 07:43 PM

I would ask a more experienced owner, I think either an already docile adult or a youngster that she will "train" from the beginning. dunno Hopefully Shelly AKA GliderNursery will drop in this evening, she may be able to give better advice and more insight. HTH.
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/11/15 02:13 AM

Unfortunately, there are times when some gliders don't like/want their cagemate. Remember that they didn't get the opportunity to pick who they would live with, we picked for them; and sadly it doesn't always work out.

There could be a couple of things going on. One is sexual maturity, although I would think that they would have been mature before now. If that's the case, you would see more issues for a few days to a week once a month. Is this ongoing, or does it seem sporadic with a heat cycle?

The other is that the one simply doesn't like the other and is trying to kick her out. If that is the case, IMO, they need to stay separated. Otherwise, you just may be asking for bigger problems (potential injury).

I would hate for you to rehome one simply because she is getting picked on. If at all possible, I would try to find a compatible cagemate for her. I realize that there are many reasons this may not be possible, (space, finances, time) but I always encourage keeping your baby whenever possible.
Posted By: Sunny

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/11/15 05:02 AM

I initially thought it was related to hormones but it seemed constant and not sporadic.

It seems as though they really just don't like each other- they never got along super well and it just got worse lately.

I'm really hoping that I can get another male (I want what's best for my babies always). I'd probably try and find a male for Lilo. Would an adult be better or a joey? also where should I look for an adult glider if that'd be better?
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/11/15 05:12 AM

There are a few glider shelters around, but breeders usually have a few young adults that just haven't found homes yet. You can check the glider classified Here or click the word Breeder to find a breeder in your area.
Posted By: Sunny

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/11/15 07:10 AM

thanks for all your help! I just hope I can figure out what's best for me and my babies.

I think my plan right now is to try and get a male glider for lilo (or a female as long she is known to be chill) Or let her go to a trusted friend if I know she'll be in good hands. I just worry I won't be able to divide my time fairly between the two colonies :/
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/11/15 02:57 PM

Gender doesn't matter, its their personalities that matter. When talking to a breeder or rescue, try to describe your girls' personality to them so they can try to find a compatible mate. Good luck! smile
Posted By: Sunny

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/12/15 06:25 PM

Thanks for the help!

I'm going to try introducing them one more time (they never actually fight, nani is just super protective around the pouch, they're even fine if they are in the same pouch during the day if I put them together outside of the cage)

But I'll start looking for a compatible cage mate for my baby!
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/12/15 06:32 PM

Do you have any really, really clean pouches or a brand-new one perhaps? That may help provide a neutral environment.
Posted By: Sunny

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/12/15 09:15 PM

I can make some new pouches tonight, but Nani obsessively marks anything new in the cage by rubbing all over it :/

But I'll make some and give it a try!
Posted By: Sunny

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/13/15 11:23 PM

great news!

Nani chased Lilo some at night and in the morning Lilo went to sleep in a different pouch from the other two but when I got home from school they were all snuggled up!

I think this bodes well for them :D
Posted By: Feather

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/14/15 12:56 AM

Great News!
Posted By: Kris_N_Zoe

Re: Female Gliders fighting - 01/14/15 04:08 PM

Good to hear! grin
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