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Hissing? - 01/29/15 02:14 AM

So, lately Penelope has been doing this quiet hissing sound. She does it a lot when food is out. She has been pretty aggressive with food the past few months... Which I think is why Luna attacked her. So there are 2 bowls in the big cage and Penelope hisses at Luna when she eats. Normally after she hisses awhile she will "attack" and crab at Luna. I think this hissing is a warning? I'm not too sure what to do. I've tried many things to stop her food aggression... But it randomly came, they've been together forever (P is Luna's mom). So I have been separating them for dinner but that means one is in a travel cage until their dinner is gone, so I switch who goes in every night.. I really don't like doing this. Any other suggestions?
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Re: Hissing? - 01/29/15 03:01 AM

I would put extra feeding stations in the cage on different levels if you can.

One feeding station per glider and one extra and see if that helps.

Also try getting the food in the cage before they wake up.
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Re: Hissing? - 02/06/15 03:13 AM

I've done that and its not working. Any other suggestions?
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Re: Hissing? - 02/06/15 02:14 PM

In another recent discussion one owner observed that the aggression seemed to be over the corn that was fed each night as part of a vegetable/fruit combination. Things settled down when corn was no longer on the menu.

This might not help if your gliders are on BML which requires the corn for its phosphorus content to balance the calcium in the recipe but if you are feeding another staple and using a mixture of fruits and vegetables, you might try reducing the choices to see if one particular food item is the trigger for the greedy glider.

I have one glider that hogs the food plate on the night I serve mixed vegetables (only once each week) because she loves corn. Once she has had all the corn she wants the others can approach the vegetable side of the dinner plate without being chased away. I sometimes take her outfor a while to give the rest of the colony a chance at the corn.

On another forum an owner noticed one of her gliders became aggressive when she changed from one staple to another recipe. If you have made any change in your feeding plan about the time the behavior began you might consider going back to the previous staple to see if the new one is the trigger.
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Re: Hissing? - 02/12/15 03:34 PM

Make sure the separate stations are in totally different areas of the cage. Put one high, one low, one in some sort of 'igloo' or kitchen so that they're hidden from the other glider.

Also, make sure that there's always a little bit of food left over in the morning. Then you'll know everyone is getting enough to eat.
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Re: Hissing? - 02/14/15 05:13 AM

my sugar gliders only hiss or whatever when they're being a little annoying or moving around when the other is trying to sleep([color:#CC0000][/color]crabby babies) but I would say to have more than one place for food and give them treats or favorite foods desperately as well
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Re: Hissing? - 02/16/15 04:34 AM

Penelope still hisses when food is out. I have 4 separate bowls in the cage spread out... I haven't changed anything in a while, the food they get varies nightly and doesn't change anything, and food is put in around 30 minutes before they wake up and it still happens.
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Re: Hissing? - 02/16/15 05:17 AM

My Ollie is the same was as well. Sometimes he's fine sharing and yet other times he does the his-crab-n-chace when either of the girls come near the bowl he's guarding. Usually it's the floor one, but I've seen and heard him at one of the other two feeders. I use three f/v feeding stations (on three different levels) because that's the only food he makes an issue about. The hpw is on it's own separate level as well, and pellets are spread about in forage toys a few nights a week. I noticed the difference not too long after getting their new, larger cage not long after moving. I'm not sure if it was new routine since move (or lack of former routine) or the new cage that spawned his new behavior.

I've tried everything recommended and all I can do is keep an eye and ear out for escalation, if none, I'll just let them work it out. In the meantime, I'm working on a schedule or routine, but since still unemployed I cant guarantee there won't be more changes. I'm also considering a different cage, once I start working.

Candy, that might have been me, I did notice him calming down after removing corn, but that didn't last, I think he may have found another food item, or just any in general. It doesn't seem to happen as offen most nights,and then there will be one or two nights he's fussing more. I watched him the other eve and he was pigging out on all the green beans.
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