New Glider Very Bitey

Posted By: Minnie_Mickey

New Glider Very Bitey - 03/15/15 06:40 AM

I got my new glider today. He's an adorable lion. His previous owner let him get away with biting and he's drawn blood already. It's not an aggression problem but he is very good motivated and he thinks everything is food. I do make a "shh" noise when he bites. Any other suggestions?
Posted By: Feather

Re: New Glider Very Bitey - 03/15/15 01:34 PM

Until he gets over the biting, don't feed him any treats from your hands, use a tweezers.

Keep hissing at him when he does nip you.

Be patient.
Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: New Glider Very Bitey - 03/15/15 02:46 PM

I got my new glider today.

and from your intro post:
I have one standard joey named Minnie and I am getting my second, Mickey, at the end of this week.

The real issue is not that he is a 'biter' but that he is quite frightened right now.

If he was previously housed with other gliders, he has lost his security that the colony of gliders will help him and come to his defense. He thinks he has been Kidnapped or Captured and feels very alone.

He does not know you. He does not know that you only want to love him and NOT EAT HIM.

Give him a few days to settle into your home and let him just chill out in his cage. Talk to him quietly when ever you are near by but hold off a few days on trying to hold or pet him.

He has a plethora of new sights, sounds and smells that are all unfamiliar and frightening to him.

Put a few pieces of fleece that you have either worn tucked in your clothes or slept with in your pillow case into his sleeping pouch to help him identify YOUR scent as a safe one.

Since you have 2 new gliders from different previous homes, be sure to WASH YOUR HANDS between handling the two gliders. They should be housed separately and introduced gradually. If you have already put them in the same cage, watch them closely for fighting. Part of his biting may be territorial - defending himself from a glider AND a human he does not know.

After he has time to calm down then begin interacting with him but go at his pace. He just needs time to begin to trust you.
Posted By: Minnie_Mickey

Re: New Glider Very Bitey - 03/16/15 12:55 AM

Surprisingly, he isn't scared. He didn't live with other gliders and his previous owner said he bit because he thinks it's food. He's very chill and is already bonding with me. He has willingly come out of his pouch and sat on my hand and explored the room. And Mickey is the only new one, I've had Minnie for about 6 months. I've already started scent swapping and Ne could care less about the new scent. I don't plan on putting them in the same cage until a few days have passed. They have started talking to each other and seem to be doing quite well. Don't mean to be rude, but I just wanted to clarify things for you.
Posted By: gary

Re: New Glider Very Bitey - 03/16/15 03:04 PM

I have gone through the same thing not to long ago, and it just takes time and patients like I had to do.
Posted By: Minnie_Mickey

Re: New Glider Very Bitey - 03/16/15 04:05 PM

Good to know. I got after him lots yesterday. He isn't biting me hard just nibbling which I am fine with. Hopefully it stays this way. Him and Minnie have switched pouches and both were fine so I am doing a cage swap tonight and planning on intros tomorrow.
Posted By: alystraw214

Re: New Glider Very Bitey - 06/03/15 06:57 PM

Mine nibbles a good bit too, definitely not from fear, I don't flinch, but we can't do licky treats. He'll get on my hand and immediately go for the tips of my fingers so i try to divert his biting to the back of my hand where it isn't painful.
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