Mating or playing?

Posted By: FoxySuggies

Mating or playing? - 03/18/15 04:58 AM

Hey guys! My fiance and I brought our suggies home a week ago now on the 9th. We have one male lion faced suggy named MoMo, and one normal grey female named Suki. Now, they're both 13 weeks old now, as our breeder would not allow us to take them home until they were both 12 weeks old. We took them to the vet last thursday for a general wellness check up and to schedule a neutering for MoMo, but because of our work schedules had to put it off till the 24th. They'll be 14 weeks old at that point, so it is well possible that MoMo will be trying to breed with his sister at that point.

Now, my concern is that I've seen MoMo try to climb on top of Suki already, and I know its possible for them to be active as early as 12 weeks. His bald spot is barely visible and just looks like thinning of hair at this point, rather than a full on bald spot. Should I be concerned about this behavior and try to take off work and schedule a closer date for the operation, or am I over-reacting? I tried looking this topic up but couldn't really find any examples of suggies playing like this, so I'm very concerned hes trying to mate, and might have already succeeded during the night when we are both asleep :/

I really wish our breeder would have let us taken them home sooner, but I can understand her wanting to make sure they're good and ready. I just don't want to end up with first generation inbreeding if we can avoid it.

So any advice would be great! Thanks guys!
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Re: Mating or playing? - 03/18/15 02:22 PM

Having him neutered on the 24th should be fine. MoMo is only beginning to mature. Females mature somewhat later than males so it is not likely that Suki will be come pregnant so young.

Joeys are used to being carried around by their parents. What you are seeing may be more of the joeys looking for a parent to hang on to than actual mating behavior.

Allowing your joeys to stay with their parents until they were 12 weeks was a good option. Joeys learn a lot from their parents and may be more confident in bonding with you than very young joeys separated from their parents suddenly at 8 weeks before they are fully ready to be on their own.
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Re: Mating or playing? - 03/19/15 01:58 AM

Welcome! So glad to hear the breeder wanted to wait 12 weeks oop! It's so much better for you and your joeys!

Good luck and please feel free to ask anything!

We love pictures too!
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Re: Mating or playing? - 03/23/15 01:24 AM

Welcome to GliderCENTRAL!

Candy gave you some great information. I am going to move this to Behavior & Anatomy for more exposure.
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