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Coloring. - 03/22/15 08:08 PM

Recently I have acquired 3 new sugar bears. A mommy and daddy and their kid (although he looks full grown ). I wanted them because I needed to find some more bears for my female glider (her mate passed a week ago) anywho the son has strange coloring on him ..he's kind of brown and kind of normal color. I don't know exactly if the coloring is cause he's still young or if he's possibly considered a brown sugar bear.

Ps: when I got them in boxes they has Nabisco crackers in their boxes should I keep with this part of the diet cause their used to it or should I just discard that part of the diet totally?

Description: Sorry about the bottom of the cage they messed it up in one day lol.
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Re: Coloring. - 03/22/15 08:13 PM

Just looks stained to me. Get them on a good, nutritious diet plan and you will see that brown coloration disappear.
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Peggy is right! If you click on the word diet it will take you to the data base where you can find the diets and details on how to mix and feed the diet.
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Nabisco crackers should NOT be a part of a glider's diet.

Choose one of the widely used glider feeding plans for your SUGAR GLIDERS (they are not 'bears') to meet their nutritional needs and his color will gradually return to a normal grey color.

If you need information on the widely used feeding plans I have links on my web page to help you locate the information.
My GliderKids feeding plan is one option you might consider.
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Thank you guys.I've just never seen any diets with Nabisco crackers and it puzzled me. They seem fluffier than my peaches but I've been reading up about the fur thing and it seems that they might have had super mealies. So I'll just buy those for them and see if my peaches will eat them. Last time I tried mealies on her she didn't like them so much. I don't want them to lose their fluffyness .. I tried raspberry and they didn't like those. But they love apples.. anyways again thank you guys ..I book marked the diet pages.

Ps: I hope I didn't offend anyone by calling them sugar bears I've just read that their called "sugar gliders" "sugar bears " the scientific term is "Petaurus Breviceps". I like to read up on things a lot lol .. thank you guys once again
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Re: Coloring. - 04/13/15 09:27 PM

Diet is the problem..
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Re: Coloring. - 04/21/15 06:12 PM

hpw is a great diet and has been the easiest for me. his color will go back to normal with an approved diet like this one
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