Chewing Genji tent

Posted By: FurMom

Chewing Genji tent - 11/21/15 02:32 AM

We had Houdi in the tent tonight and he was chewing at the tent to get out. At least it seemed like he was trying to escape. We would tsst and he would stop, but then do it again. It really seemed like he could be successful.

Anyone have a glider trying to do this and any suggestions?

It took some work, but we finally convinced him to go far enough into his bonding pouch to be able to scoop him in. On the up side, he didn't crab at all.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Chewing Genji tent - 11/21/15 03:26 AM

Get yourself a feather cat toy on a stick, just make sure there is no catnip in it, distract him with that when he chews on stuff he isn't supposed to while in the tent.

You will be amazed at how they play with feathers.
Posted By: FurMom

Re: Chewing Genji tent - 11/21/15 04:22 AM

Okay, thanks! If I get one from Petsmart and it doesn't have catnip on it, could it possibly have been exposed to catnip? Is there safer place to buy one?
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Chewing Genji tent - 11/21/15 03:25 PM

You could make one if you are crafty. Just need a stick rubber like string or fishing line, and tie a plastic bug, feathers or cut a straw into 2"pieces , tie in middle. They love straws.
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