My gliders won't let me hold them!

Posted By: Zachariah

My gliders won't let me hold them! - 11/23/15 03:45 AM

So I have had my gliders for just about a year now the two That I got first were as babies and the other two I got probably four months later as rescues. They climb on me and play just like any normal glider they do jump off of me a lot but when I go to hold them though clam on my hand and then right on my arm or down my chest stored on my back when they're in my hand it won't let me hold them are pet them so I'm trying to figure out what I've done wrong or something that I can do differently so that I'm able to enjoy them more.

I have also just saved 211-month-old female gliders that were being held in a parrot cage with a small hamster wheel and patch that they were sleeping in was covered with urine and they were being fed hamster pellets. Since I have them now I still have them in the 3 x 3 binding cage trying to get them to know me and trust me which is slowly happening but every time that I walk by the cage or put something in there while they are in their pouch they crab uncontrollably so I'm trying to figure out how to help them feel more at ease.

Thank you,
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Re: My gliders won't let me hold them! - 11/23/15 08:55 AM

First, most gliders don't really care to be held. Neither of mine who are 16 months like to be held unless it's early/ late morning when it's their bedtime. I will sit and roll them up into the hem of my tshirt, and hold them and pet them through the tshirt. Mine just started allowing me to pet them. Fiona loves to snuggle with us like this, Dot has just started tolerating it.

I do while hand feeding them treats, give them a scratch between the ears and chin while they eat. It is just a matter of consistancy and building their trust.

Your newer gliders being older, need a little time to trust you. Give them some space to get used to their new surroundings, sights and smells. Do you have them in a 3x3 cage for quarantine from your other gliders? A pair of adults will need a lot more space so they can get their exercise and energy wore off. They need to learn your scent and associate it with happy things. Like some fleece cut up into 4"squares to make blankies, and either wear, or sleep with these to get your scent on them, and tuck fresh ones in their sleeping pouch every morning. Otherwise they will mark over your scent.

When approaching their cage talk softly to them so they know you're comming. If they start crabbing, unless its a frantic crab, stay and talk to them, sing a lullaby or something just keep it sweet and soft. Over time, they should start calming down. I try to"get the last word" so they don't get the idea that crabbing will make me go away. If they are still in frantic mode, just give them more space. Try coaxing out of the pouch with treats through the cage bars eventually. Patience and time, and more patience.

When I wash their sleeping pouches, I turn them inside out and rub them on my arms and face, or stuff them in our pillow cases and sleep with them before I put them back in their cage. This is one of those times when having a second set of bedding comes in handy.

Each glider has a unique personality, and will learn their place in your colony/ colonies. They will also bond with youat their individual pace.

Please keep us posted and we love to see pics!
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Re: My gliders won't let me hold them! - 11/23/15 09:14 PM

Thank you ladymagyver for the advice and information. You pretty much confirmed what I had been thinking in the first place so I appreciate the time. As far as fleeces concerned and keeping my center around them yes I have been doing that since I got them and yes the 3 x 3 cage was for Corentine purposes I have a much larger cage that I'm going to move them into you soon. Although I live in a small space now I have two large cages one with four gliders and one with soon-to-be 2 gliders. I am not exactly sure how to introduce them due to the fact that one of my gliders jumped on their cage the other day and they began to fight until I can get them off as quick as possible. If anyone has any suggestions on how to introduce a county afford to a pair I am more than open to suggestions and direction. Thanks again and I will try and post some pictures but I'm not exactly sure how to keeps telling me that my file is too big when I try to add a picture of it when I first posted it.
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Re: My gliders won't let me hold them! - 12/02/15 03:59 AM

We are new glider owners, 2 boys for 6 months and 2 girls for 2 weeks.
The most important thing to remember is bonding is a marathon and NOT a sprint.
My wife's glider gizmo is super tame and relaxed. He spends many hours sleeping in her bra. He grooms himself and her in there. You can pick up gizmo without a problem, she can get him RIGHT OUT of the sleeping pouch without ANY GRABBING. After some startup bonding, she would stick her hand in their sleeping pouch(got a few bites at first) and just leave it in there, becoming part of the sleeping group.

My link is not as good. I work so don't have as much bonding time, I use a custom bonding pouch my wife sowed into my tie shirt so he stays close to my skin and doesn't bounce around on a rope around my neck. He still crabs alittle when you get him out of the bonding pouch, but its not much. He does NOT like to be held like yours, BUT I'm still working on it. FIRST I started to just get to pet him, check. SECOND was for him to take treats and get near my skin (arm). I started putting my arm in the door of cage, in order for him to get his dried papaya (he likes them) he had to put his front paws on my arm, now he has to climb on my arm to get the treats. He used to run away after getting his treats, now he will many times just sit on my arm and eat. FINALLY - HOLDING I pick him up, he goes nuts, I just keep a hold the best I can until he give up, then I let him go. AT first I got some medium (no blood) bites, these last few times he still tries to get away but not much biting and alittle less running away. I can see he is getting better at it, but still will take work.

Our new girl sophie is a doll, was bonded to previous owner and we can pick up, hold, let run around on us. she is just a wonderful ball of energy. One BIG difference, she prefers to sit ON you MOST of the time, NOT in a pouch or pocket.

big momma is totally different a real biter, hard bloody bites. First we think she was under feed. We give her plenty of food and a few days alone for adjustment to new home, and her biting is WAY DOWN. We can now pet her without being bite. she will run on us at bonding time, takes treats nicely. BUT we still won't try to pick her up yet. I'm going to start pouch bonding soon, but the memory of her hard bites will keep things slow. (her past owner said she was a real biter) and in 2 weeks we seem to have gotten her a lot calmer and sweeter.

So, take your time, but keep trying, use fleece hand towel to pick up and force that glider to see your NOT going to harm them.
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Re: My gliders won't let me hold them! - 12/03/15 01:34 AM

You have been given a lot of good information. Be patient with your gliders.

Just remember that most gliders do not like to be held, specially when it is the time of day that they want to eat and play.
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Re: My gliders won't let me hold them! - 12/05/15 12:06 AM

Great info!!
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