Post neuter horn-doggery

Posted By: TwoDog

Post neuter horn-doggery - 02/14/16 09:46 AM

Hey all!
So for the last few days, the glider kids have been largely reclusive--hiding in their pouch and crabbing a lot.

Found out why, just now. Seems like Harley must be in heat.

So my question is--are males still sexually active after neutering? Like humans or dogs? Because Gizmo is supposedly neutered...he looked like he was giving it the old college try nonetheless.

Posted By: CandyOtte

Re: Post neuter horn-doggery - 02/14/16 02:50 PM

Male gliders that are neutered before they mature usually do not develop any mating behaviors. Those neutered after maturity may continue to give it the old college try - even though they are shooting blanks - when ever their female companions are in heat.

Be sure to check Harley for any injuries - the males often hold on to the fur on the female's shoulder but sometimes get more aggressive and leave a hairless red spot or even a mating wound that might require vet attention.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Post neuter horn-doggery - 02/14/16 11:54 PM

Candy is right the boys give it the old college try.
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