Aggressive behavior or not?

Posted By: Bdj1973

Aggressive behavior or not? - 08/26/16 04:28 AM

I acquired an unaltered baby girl to be the playmate of my of my 1.5 year old fixed male. I am sitting in here right now watching them, trying to figure out where she keeps escaping. As she seems to be a Houdini! I have not figured out her escape hatch yet, but I have sure figured out why she escapes almost every night. Dom seems to be being aggressive toward her. Which surprises me, as they are snuggled together every morning she doesn't escape. I am new to this, so I am not sure if I am witnessing aggressiveness, or simple play. He is lunging at her, and she is not exactly crabbing but doing that wissle hissy thing.. It looks like a older brother aggravating the crap out of a little sister to me, but I can not be sure. He is fixed, could he be trying to mate??? Crap she just got out and I missed how she did it. Oh well.. She has never had any wounds or bites, so he obviously is not trying to hurt her. I am just wondering if I should worry about him being so rough with her, and should I worry that she seems to want to get away from him, and not want to play!?
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Re: Aggressive behavior or not? - 08/26/16 05:34 AM

Ok, so it looks to be food related, seems Dom, is chasing Leddy away from the frozen smoothie mixture, giving it time to thaw, and then swooping in and eating it all.. Poor little baby girl, doesn't stand a chance on getting to eat. No wonder he is getting so fat! He is eating his cube and hers... I guess I will feed her in the tent from now on, and then put her in the cage after she is done eating! I am glad I decided to spy on them tonight, she might have starved to death at this rate!
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Re: Aggressive behavior or not? - 08/26/16 09:22 AM


Another thing you can do it multiple feeding locations in the cage separated from each other. My gliders seem to prefer 'grazing' all night long as opposed to eating one big meal.

If you separate food areas, the male cannot 'cover' both (or more). She'll get a chance to eat when she feels like eating.

Good luck on figuring out her escape route.
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Re: Aggressive behavior or not? - 08/26/16 02:03 PM

Good Idea. I had been putting food out in seperate locations, but he would keep her pushed to the bottom edges of the cage until he ate it all out of both locations. (Which were in two High locations) I really don't want to seperate them, as that was the whole reason for getting him a playmate. But I suppose I'll have to just for feedings until she gets big enough to hold her own. Thanks for all of your help!
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Re: Aggressive behavior or not? - 08/26/16 03:43 PM

Originally Posted By: Bdj1973
I acquired an unaltered baby girl to be the playmate of my of my 1.5 year old fixed male.

Wanted to make sure you are aware female gliders are not spayed as their female organs are so very small. Instead the males are neutered thumb

Hutch has given you some very good advice on separate feeding stations. This way both gliders should be busy eating from their own bowls/dishes so they won't bother the other - hopefully wink

It is very important you find out how she is getting out so that one night she doesn't completely disappear or get herself into trouble and not be found frown
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Re: Aggressive behavior or not? - 08/26/16 09:16 PM

All the advice you have been given so far is spot on!

What kind of cage do you have?

What is the bar spacing? It is recommended that bars be 1/2 inch or less apart as the gliders can squeeze through.
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