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Biting - 09/24/16 02:29 AM

We have had our glider Luna for 2 weeks now, she is our first one. She really likes to bite. She hasn't bitten hard enough to break the skin which is good and she started out by licking us but now it's just biting. Will this stop? is there something we can do to stop it?
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Re: Biting - 09/24/16 03:20 AM

How old is she?

Don't give her the chance to bit, when she licks after the first two remove your hand.

You can also gently hiss at her, that is one of their ways of communicating with each other.

Be patient you have a long way to go with her. I suggest you read the post from Bourbon on the top of the forum list about bonding with your glider.
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Re: Biting - 09/25/16 04:54 AM

She is young, we are her first family since OOP. Everything is going well, except the biting. We will try the hissing sounds and see if it will eventually subside. We just weren't sure if it was something that was normal or if she just likes biting.
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Re: Biting - 09/25/16 01:49 PM

Since she's so young I think this may be useful to share with you. My little Joey Taeo started doing this and at first I thought it odd as I have handled him since the day he popped OOP. I chalked it up to a teething stage. He was new to even being able to use his teeth so he was trying them out on everything. I made him little teething toys. Almost key chain size items with beads, bells , hoops etc. Whenever he started tasting me I'd distract him with the toy and let him nibble it as needed. He soon stopped tasting me and in the end I feel it truly was a teething stage that all babies including humans go through. Make a few so your little one doesn't get bored and keep them in your pocket or nearby for use. Taeo is now 5 months old and I can do anything with him. He never bites me. Hope this helps.
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Re: Biting - 09/25/16 11:07 PM

I agree with Ilovemyweeones I have two gliders Hercules is two months older then Bruticus. When I first got them Hercules would bite and bite. I have had them for two months now and Hercules will not bite most of the time and if he does it is a nip. Now in the past few days Bruticus has been biting a lot when he never use to so I think it mite be a teething stage they go through.
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Re: Biting - 12/14/16 04:31 PM

We now have 2 gliders. The first one Luna still bites and we have had her since August the second one Lacy we got in October she will also bite but it doesn't seem as much. I hear by now some gliders are bonded already and they don't bite anymore. Are we missing something or doing something wrong? My youngest so was so excited to get these pets but now doesn't want to be in the tent with them for the fear he might get bit. Please help thanks.
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Re: Biting - 12/14/16 05:30 PM

Each glider is unique and will bond at their own rate, some can bond in days or weeks, others can take months or years to form that bond.

Bonding is really about trust, so until the glider can trust you they may not bond so to speak.

As for the biting, some gliders, even when bonded, may still bite. We have a girl, also name Luna, and have had her over a year now and she is just very skiddish and gets scared very easily. She will lunge out and try and bite and crabs loudly when she is scared, even after 1 year. So this may never go away, just like any animal each glider will have their own personality.

Keep working with Luna and doing tent time with her, just don't rush or push it, take it at her pace, not yours, you have to build up that trust in her mind, it is about her no you or your son.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Biting - 12/15/16 02:56 PM

When do they bite?

Is it only when you try to hold them? Or feed them a treat?
Or maybe groom you?

Gliders when young really don't like to be held when they are young. They prefer to sit on you.

I'm guessing that you are flinching when they bite? They have learned the hand goes away when they bite.

A " Tssk" or a "Ssst" noise will tell them you don't like what they are doing. But it has to be done the instant they bite.

Speak softly and sing softly. Move slowly.

Earning their trust takes a lot of time with them and patience. Maybe a one on one with only one human contact might help.

When approaching their cage, let them know softly you are there. Especially if you are about to open the cage. Trust is everything patience and time too. They need to know you are a constant and you are a safe place to be.

If you must handle them, use a piece of fleece about 12" square. That way they have something to bite.

Please keep us posted on your progress.
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