Posted By: royb

introductions - 12/10/16 03:44 PM

is it possible to introduce an unneutered male into a group of neutered males? i plan to get him neutered, i just know right now he is lonely, i tried introducing them during tent time and the neutered males attacked him, he was fine being friendly and everything but they were the agressors, and im wondering once i get him neutered will they possibly still fight? if so should i find him a new cage mate?
Posted By: Feather

Re: introductions - 12/10/16 05:46 PM

After he no longer smells like a intact male they may accept him better.

I would introduce him to them one at a time, if he and one gets along, let them stay together and try another glider and so on.

If you introduce them to each other one at a time they can't gang up on your little guy.
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