Playing like a cat??

Posted By: OzzySugarGlider

Playing like a cat?? - 12/26/16 01:39 AM

Hi guys,
Everything is going great bonding with Luna! I'm so happy I got this little special girl home smile
I played with her for the first time today :D
I was getting ready to get her inside the cage again after a couple of hours out in my sweater, so I reached for my bonding pouch and the string hung loose and it caught Luna's attention, so I started moving it like I would with a cat toy and she loved it. She started casually chasing it and reaching out for it with her paws

Do your gliders play like cats? And if so, what kind of toys do you use? smile
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Playing like a cat?? - 12/26/16 05:03 AM

Gliders are very curious, like cats, and love to play as you described smile
Posted By: Stef333

Re: Playing like a cat?? - 12/26/16 05:16 AM

Congratulations on your first play time! I've had my joeys for about 9 weeks now, and we just keep having more and more fun as we learn to trust each other. smile

I still have a couple of cat toys left from my kitty who passed away a few years ago. My gliders have discovered those toys and they love them! The first was my kitty's favorite toy - a long stick with several floppy leather bits at the end. The other is a hanging scratching board, which the gliders find great for climbing and also a good landing point from a leap.

I recently made a little craft project and had some leftover pieces of cotton cord. I tied up the bits of cord in the middle, and this is now their new favorite toy. Honestly, I haven't found anything that they DON'T love playing with yet.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Playing like a cat?? - 12/26/16 08:40 AM

Feather toys, like for cats, are a favorite here. Just make sure there is no catnip in or on the toy.
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