very aggressive behavior

Posted By: heddy

very aggressive behavior - 12/26/16 08:46 PM

i have a male that is very aggressive. i know this is most likely a sign of fear, but now he has me afraid of him as well. he bites, and he bites hard. draws blood. i don't back away becasue i know this is what he wants, but honestly today it was so bad that i was in tears. he repeatedly bit me and was crabbing at me teh whole time. my finger is bruised and bloody. i contacted teh breeder to see if he had any tips, and he said it just takes time, but i honestly don't know how to move forward. he is in the same cage as my other glider and when i go in to get her he comes at me. i don't think he is being territorial of her, because he will push her ahead of himself if i come near them. i can't take him out for tent time because i can't catch him at the end. he either attacks me or i am afraid i will give him a heart attack by trying to get him back in the fleece. i can't catch him with my hand because he will hurt me. he runs from me and the fleece as well.
I am just looking for some advice. I am tired and I am frustrated and I want to make it work because i honestly dont know where he would go if i cant make it work with me.
just a little background. when we got him we already had a glider. he was left 3 days to acclimate in a small bonding cage. then i started taking him out in a bonding pouch and moved the cage over near the other glider cage. he never really seemed to calm with me. crabbed constantly and i didnt try to bother him. then after about a week we introduced the gliders to one another. she took to him right away and started grooming him. he will sometimes be tolerant of her but otherwise doesn't seem to want to be near her either. i started taking them out at the same time in bonding pouich and he crabs teh whole time. i tried doing nightly tent time as i had done with my female, but the above issues happen.
sorry for the long post i'm just hoping someone has some insight
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Re: very aggressive behavior - 12/27/16 02:02 AM

Ok, you are going to have to slow down and start over with him.

Read this post: Building a relationship with your glider

I would back off to just talking to them while they are in the cage. If your original glider wants to come out and play, let her and leave him in the cage to watch.

Get some fleece and cut up little glider sized blankets and wear them in your clothes to get your scent on them, then put them in their sleeping pouch.

You didn't say if this new guy is neutered, if he isn't that could be attributing to some of his behavior.

Start with the article and scent blankets.

Keep is posted on your progress.
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Re: very aggressive behavior - 12/27/16 10:56 PM

My view on your baby is that he is being territorial and possibly other problems. If he attacks you in cage he looks at you like an enemy or what he would do to another sugar glider that isn't part of his colony/family.

Here are a couple of links that may help out, you alsao might want to read under article section here on GC.

If he is territorial and not scared you may want to try this link. We went through this with Casper and his food dish at night.

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Re: very aggressive behavior - 12/28/16 12:41 AM

I would love to add some insight, but I am too exhausted to get into the kind of reply I'd like to give.

In the meantime, please read links already supplied, they're all good pointers and possible causes. Read all you can, and follow advice given already.
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Re: very aggressive behavior - 12/29/16 12:42 PM

You have been given some good reading and great advice.

I too have an aggressive glider and it took 9 months for her to bond with us. She still has her moments but it's usually when she feels stressed. Most of the time she is really sweet.

It wasn't easy taming Dot. She would rather die fighting than calm down. It was dreadful. So what I did was leave her alone and play with Fiona. Dot watched. Fiona was already bonding with us when we got Dot. Fiona got a lot of attention and Dot didn't seem to care. What Dot did care about was sleeping alone during the day when Fiona wanted to spend time in the bonding pouch.

For a time, we fed treats to both of them through the cage bars. It didn't always work. So when Fiona in the bonding pouch I would coax Dot treats through the cage. It worked out better.

Tent time was very difficult too. I would take them to the tent just before they were up for the day in their sleeping pouch and Dot wouldn't go back to the pouch. We learned that morning tent time was much easier. They are both sleepy and are willing to go back to their sleeping pouch when tired. Treats in the pouch help too.

Once you feel you are making a little progress with him the next step I learned (the hard way of course!) Was who gets "The last word "? Me!!! Still to this day... It's kinda hard to explain but they unlearn what they learn. Right now he bites because he is scared' and has learned "The hand " goes away. Have you tried saying " Tssss! or Sssssst!" (it's glider talk for I don't like what you did). It doesn't always work at first but he is listening. It has to be done instantly as he bites. It communicates to him and eventually they listen.

He is mega scared and he doesn't trust at all. Lots of patience...

Oh and when you absolutely have to catch him do continue using fleece between you and him. It's better if he is mad at it than you.

Back to who gets the last word... When you are carrying him alone in the pouch and he starts crabbing and lunging, rub and talk soothing words, sing a lullaby softly till he stops. Sometimes they just need comforting. He needs to learn you are safe and you're not gonna eat him.

To this day Dot will crab at me hanging in her sleeping pouch in the cage. All I have to do is rub the pouch and sing to her. She knows when she quits, I will stop and go away... lesson learned and I get the last word in.

Long story...sorry... hope it helped to know you are not alone... There is a thread in here somewhere called " The FIST prevails!" It is good reading once you can calm him down a bit.

Please keep us posted and ask more questions if needed.
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