Help with determining color :)

Posted By: OzzySugarGlider

Help with determining color :) - 01/04/17 10:05 PM

Okay, so I'm bringing home two new rescue gliders here on friday. Jaii, I'm so excited to give them a good home smile
I would love to know what color they are though, not that it matters one bit, but just out of curiosity. I'm guessing either platinum or platinum colored mosaics.
I will try to describe them to the best of my abilities, but I can't really post any pictures, so if you want a photo, I would need to send it over email.

They are both silver colored with a darker grey stripe going from head to tail. Sugar glider number 1 has light grey tail fading to dark grey and overall seems to have darker markings and she also have almost a brown ring around her eyes, whereas sugar glider number 2 overall seems lighter in color and more white, she has a grey tail root fading immediately to white and her stripe is cut in two, so she has a triangle on her forehead and the rest of the stripe goes from her shoulders to her tail root smile

Thanks for looking
Posted By: OzzySugarGlider

Re: Help with determining color :) - 01/04/17 10:12 PM

Need to add that they both have white faces and that they are much lighter in color than the standard grey wink
Posted By: Feather

Re: Help with determining color :) - 01/04/17 10:15 PM

Here is a link as to how to post pictures:

Photo bucket works best and you can make a free account with them.
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