a strange Diabetic question

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a strange Diabetic question - 08/15/17 04:37 PM

Ok I know we have to have someone else on the group that has Diabetic issues, that also has gliders. I wandering if it possible that they scenes the lowering or high sugar values that some have? I know that if I let mine drop below a set point and i have the gliders on me they start getting antsy. There are times they do and other times they don't. Now I am not Diabetic,(yet as it runs in my family as we get older) I just have low sugar issues if I don't eat three times a day. (sometimes it with in 2 hours after eating too). Most the time i catch the signs and other days I don't most signs for me I start sweating, and look down and my one hands will shake. Most the time it seems like I when I suddenly stop working on something, then my levels will drop suddenly. I have checked my sugar at random times and it seems like if my levels get in the 85 or less range I start having issues.
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Re: a strange Diabetic question - 08/15/17 11:25 PM

Interesting! Peggy any thoughts on this?
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Re: a strange Diabetic question - 08/15/17 11:35 PM

Here are my thoughts, as a certified service dog trainer and a wife of a type 1 diabetic, I feel I can answer this.

Can animals sense when a human has health issues?
Yes, Animals are scent animals. Most do not require to be 'trained' to sense things, it comes natural.

When a person that has diabetes has a drop in their sugar levels, it causes a very sweet smell. One that animals can smell, but humans cannot.

When a person that has diabetes has a rise in their sugar levels, it causes a metallic smell. Again, humans cannot smell it for what it is, but when one has high numbers, often time it will smell like they have been consuming alcoholic beverages, even though they have not. Hence why many diabetics will get accused for drinking and driving if pulled over by an officer.

People with hypoglycemic issues (which is what it sounds like you have) is very similar to what a diabetic with a low goes through. It can indeed be dangerous.

Can your animals sense it? Yes. Does this mean you can use them as a service animal. NO. As far as the ADA is concerned on a FEDERAL level, only a dog can be used as this time as a service animal. Especially since gliders cannot be 'trained' to alert you.
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Re: a strange Diabetic question - 08/15/17 11:42 PM

Thanks for answering that Peggy!
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Re: a strange Diabetic question - 08/16/17 02:08 PM

I know they cant be reg as service animals, but i was asking if this been seen with others. It makes me more comfortable that they recognize the change in me and get antsy over it. I guess it a self saving measure lol don't let the 200 lb tree fall on us and crush us bit lol .
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