Male Sugar Glider Showing Progression, But Still Biting.

Posted By: Link

Male Sugar Glider Showing Progression, But Still Biting. - 01/25/18 05:57 PM

I have a male and female sugar glide housed together in a large cage. We've had them both for about 4 months now. I've done all my bonding with them as a pair. The female has bonded to me very well. She still like to wonder my home if i hold her too far from the cage but other than that she's fantastic. If i hold her in the cage she'll spend the whole time licking and grooming my hands.

When we first got our male, he did everything in his power to avoid me and my girl friend. Every interaction he slowly approaches,then tries to get in one bite and run away. It was clear he wanted nothing to do with us.

For the last few weeks, when ever i hold my female, the male is starting to show some interest. He will climb up the walls of the cage, jump from toys, and try and grab onto me. This isn't aggressive behavior either. He does it in a slow, curious matter. Even with his new attitude, once he sneaks close enough to me he still tries to bite. It's not a quick snap either. He goes very slowly and if i watch him do it i can always move my hand/finger out of the way before his jaw closes, making me think he's not fully attacking me because he would go faster.

With his new interests and curiosity with me when i hold his mate, do you think there is anything i can do to change his biting behavior?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Male Sugar Glider Showing Progression, But Still Biting. - 01/25/18 06:10 PM

Because he is slow to bite gives you ample time to remove your fingers/hand and that is very good. Most of the time they are quick giving you no time at all to respond before receiving that awful bite.

When you see he is getting ready to bite, I would suggest a stern (not too loud) "oh no, you don't. No biting, mister" while removing your finger/hand. Then quickly follow that with a gentle pet to reward for not biting.

These little ones are really smarter than we give them credit, and he should figure out pretty quick that biting is not wanted. He may just be attempting to groom you rather than biting.

Make sure you don't have soap scent or other things besides the female scent on your hands also. That might also be triggering his reaction.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Male Sugar Glider Showing Progression, But Still Biting. - 01/25/18 06:30 PM

I agree with Karen. he is just slower to bond and each glider bonds at their own pace.
Posted By: gary

Re: Male Sugar Glider Showing Progression, But Still Biting. - 01/31/18 06:23 PM

So true!! It took my first fur ball almost 6 months to finally bond with me, but my second fur ball took only 4 days. biting comes with the territory when getting them to trust and bond to you. once they are bonded and understand that biting is not allowed, it is so much fun with them.
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