Is this normal???

Posted By: OneLove

Is this normal??? - 04/28/18 09:46 PM

Alright so I posted something similar a while ago and didnt get much answers plus its not something my sugar glider would often do.Now she has done it like 4 times since last night.

I am not sure how to describe it best but how I see it is that she gets those short repetitive spasms/ gags and it seems that she is spitting in her mouth.
It happens when I have her in the pouch right before they get up for food (around 9-10 pm) or when I nap with she did it around probably 11 in the morning and they normally go to bed around 7am. So it really is random, it happens before they start eating at all orlater when they have been to bed for few hours.

Overall she is playful and eats but I know sometimes that doesnt mean anything. Altho she seems a little nervous went I take her out these days. I have taken her to the vet for that before and they just gave me meds to take home, something to calm her upset stomach....but what is the source of the problem we dont know?!

It is noy saturday and I got an appointment Tuesday. Im hoping that she will be good till then or even better that this behavior is totaly normal and im freaking out!

I had a video but it wont load for obscur reasons if someone wnat to help me.
Posted By: OneLove

Re: Is this normal??? - 04/28/18 10:14 PM

The quality is really poor im sorry....try and pay attention to the sounds!
Thanks everyone!

Posted By: Terry

Re: Is this normal??? - 04/29/18 01:53 AM

I think I remember your older post, sorry I don't have much to contribute. Hopefully vet can run some tests, maybe blood work and X-ray and find what the issue is.

I know gliders spit int their front feet/hands to cleanse and groom, but I don't understand the gagging sound, never heard it before.

Anyway, make sure she's keeping hydrated,my hats key, and I'll be sending prayers and well thoughts for her. Please keep us posted.
Posted By: OneLove

Re: Is this normal??? - 06/06/18 08:26 PM

So yea I got no answers.My vet doesn't know, no one knows. In the last couple days she has started doing it a lot more, awake or in the pouch. I tried and call another vet from another city that knows Gliders better but its too much efforts for the receptionist over there to make the vet watch the video. Should I go to my vet once more about it (this would be the 3rd time) and ask them to run more tests? Like what would they be looking for? I'm really uneasy to put her through so much stress but if its the only thing to do..... I just hope it would be worth it!! frown
Posted By: OneLove

Re: Is this normal??? - 06/06/18 08:28 PM

Ids there any Vet on this Forum that could look at it for me? I need a second opinion!!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Is this normal??? - 06/06/18 09:20 PM

I am sorry that I cannot be of more help. I don't recognize the behavior.

As for a vet on this forum, we don't have any or we don't have any that we know of. If we do, they keep their privacy for obvious reasons.

We do have a list of vets on our database who will do telephone consults with other vets. Since your video is on youtube, they could both look at it at the same time. That might be an option.

Vets who do phone consults with other vets.

Remember, these vets will not talk to patients. Only with other vets.

Hope you find out what is wrong with your little one.

Posted By: Feather

Re: Is this normal??? - 06/07/18 12:24 AM

Has your vet inspected her mouth to see if anything is caught in her teeth?
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