Joey Colors??

Posted By: AlyCatz

Joey Colors?? - 11/19/18 05:54 AM

Can anybody help me place my joeys into the correct color catagories? I think I might have them down but one joey is throwing me off.
Banshee is most likely what is known as a White Mosaic. (the lighter joey with black spotted ears.)
Ripley is the one messing me up. At first, I thought she was a Platinum Mosaic Ringtail. Now I'm getting comments about her being a Silver Mosaic. I guess a Silver Mosaic isn't a Platinum glider at all. The genetics of the glider aren't what makes up a Platinum.
What do you guys think??

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Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Joey Colors?? - 11/19/18 12:49 PM

I am clueless... You have a ringtail for sure! I think mosaics have white arms, feet and belly, but not sure.

But they are both adorably beautiful!!!!!

I could never be a rescue or a breeder. I would love them all too much!!!!
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Joey Colors?? - 11/20/18 12:18 AM

Actually, the first picture you have appears to be a silver mosaic. Calling it silver just indicates the color of fur.
The second picture is a ringtail, not a silver nor a platinum mosaic. The overall fur color is a standard grey.

Originally Posted by AlyCatz
I guess a Silver Mosaic isn't a Platinum glider at all. The genetics of the glider aren't what makes up a Platinum.

You are partially correct here...a silver mosaic is not a platinum glider at all. As I stated, calling a glider a silver mo is simply indicating the color of the fur, nothing genetic other than the mosaic part. Your last statement is incorrect. Genetics ARE what makes up a platinum.

Gliders can be platinum a few different ways ~ its ALL in the genetics. They will have platinum and/or leucistic genes to be the platinum phenotype. Platinum is a recessive gene in which you need two copies (one from each parent) to be platinum; OR because it works in conjunction with the leucistic gene, you need one copy of the plat gene and one copy of the leu gene to be a platinum. You can read up on this on my website HERE.
Posted By: AlyCatz

Re: Joey Colors?? - 11/20/18 05:53 AM

Thanks for the correction! (and the reply to the email on here instead! lol)
You don't believe Banshee is a White Mosaic? Would that be due to the hint of silver on him?
So Banshee should be a Silver Mosaic and Ripley should be a Standard Ringtail?
How light does a Platinum glider need to be to be considered Platinum? Ripley is pretty light in her white areas, as white as her Leucistic momma. Lighter than a Leucistic??
Posted By: AlyCatz

Re: Joey Colors?? - 11/20/18 06:00 AM

Thank you so much!! They are actually my 1st ever produced gliders, so I will be keeping these two for memories! However, any other produced joeys I will be finding wonderful homes for! With the colors I'm seeing now, I can't WAIT to see what comes of the future babies!
Its going to be hard as a breeder, but its part of the process! If I were to keep them all, my parents would have to kick me out, haha! In my opinion, all I have to do is find homes I know will take care of them properly, and I won't have to worry. I can have a sane piece of mind and know they will grow up healthy and happy without me, and I can love them from afar. I can trust the future owner, y'know? c: If I own too many gliders, I can't spread my love enough between all of them, so I need to find people who will love them just as hard!
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