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Posted By: Procrastib8or

Awake during the day - 12/15/18 12:29 AM

For any forum regulars that have been around for a year or more, you may remember my original post. This forum was extremely valuable when I first brought my gliders home and they have been doing very well ever since. I’ve meant to make an update on the forum for a while now but I have been extremely busy finishing up college, and as I said they have been very healthy with no issues.

However, there was an issue today. The girls have a fairly regular sleep schedule (around 11pm - 9am or so) and I very rarely see them pop out during the day. But today, Mishka decided to come out and be hyper, severely worrying me. She seemed to be completely normal...if it were night time. Alert, not lethargic, ears up, etc. She has an attachment to the wheel in the cage so that’s where I found her. Tried putting her in the pouch with Daisy and she was acting like it’s play time. She then ran around the cage a bit and ended back up in the wheel, in which she did a little more running before just chilling out.

My plan is to monitor her for a couple days and if it persists I’ll take her to a vet next week, but I’m honestly terrified to do that. I’ve done a bit of research and this seems fairly normal, but the fact that it’s a first is what has me truly concerned. Any input would be extremely appreciated so that I can focus my anxiety.

Original post:

Note: based on research I’ve already done I’ll clear these:
- The room is lit with natural light during the day
- I haven’t changed their food...ever
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Re: Awake during the day - 12/15/18 01:33 AM

It is rare with mine, but occasionally one of them will wake up to play during the day.
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Re: Awake during the day - 12/15/18 01:38 AM

Do they ever stay out all day? She’s been out for at least 8 hours at this point.
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Re: Awake during the day - 12/15/18 04:51 AM

Have you changed their cage around?

Clean fleece? Different detergent?

Any construction that is new to your area?
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Re: Awake during the day - 12/15/18 04:55 AM

Actually, yes, I did change things around a bit after washing all of the fleece. But I used the same, no-scent detergent as usual. Also, the pouch Daisy had been in all day hadn’t been washed with everything else. Otherwise the room is the same. And I’ll note that I’ve made way more drastic changes to the cage before and had no such reaction. However, these changes never happened at the same time as washing most of the items.

Also, to update my post a bit, I was told by my fiancée that Mishka was sleeping in the wheel when she got home, and I saw her sleeping again when I got home. Also, Daisy has since come out and they’re acting normally, and I saw Mishka drink water.
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Re: Awake during the day - 12/15/18 02:50 PM

For the next couple of days, if she is eating/drinking/pooping normally, I think I would just watch her for any out of the ordinary signs. This could very well just be an isolated incident of not be able to sleep or possibly an early sign of something else. I would like to believe just an isolated incident.

Try to relax and not be overly worried. Keep us updated on her behavior, and her other activities.
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Re: Awake during the day - 12/15/18 07:19 PM

Update: Today is business as usual and Mishka has been in the pouch with Daisy since this morning. Still going to keep an eye on her but assuming it was an isolated incident. Thanks everyone.
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Re: Awake during the day - 12/16/18 03:36 AM

Good to hear. Probably just a little glitch in her schedule. Good idea to still keep an eye on her for a bit though. Thanks for letting us know.
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Re: Awake during the day - 12/16/18 04:24 PM

Good news! One of them may have been in heat and they can get testy with each other during that time.
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