Dominance wound

Posted By: Emilia

Dominance wound - 09/04/19 01:59 AM

Hi there, I have 5 gliders and I made my way to this forum because I need advice. My gliders have gotten along perfectly fine for months. I had two and then introduced a third named Lyla. The introductions went so smoothly and there were no problems at all. Then one of my original two had two joeys and again they both grew up and I kept them and no issues. They have the double wide cage from exotic nutrition.

About a week ago I saw a big wound on Lyla's back. 3 of my gliders are females and one of the joeys was a male that I got neutered. The wound is healing perfectly fine and she's acting normal she got antibiotics but I have her separated from the other 4. I tried putting one of my girls in with her and the girl mounted her and tried nipping at her neck, so I immediately took her out. I tried putting a different girl in but this time Lyla mounted her and tried nipping her neck. Does anyone know what's going on within the colony and if I'll ever be able to reintroduce Lyla?

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Posted By: Xeno

Re: Dominance wound - 09/04/19 02:44 AM

Let her heal up and then go home. Is the fifth glider an intact male? I am guessing he is the one who did it if so (though it could be anyone). I would consider neutering him if so. Adding new joeys to the colony is likely to make the colony unstable, I hear beyond 5 or 6 the colony is likely to have problems.

The girl going for her neck was probably an attempt to groom. No idea why she went to nip the other female. I would keep her alone and let her heal but keep the cages close. Play with her a bit more so she does not get too lonely. Watch her to see if she is grooming the wound and delaying healing. If so get her a collar.

Others here may have better advice.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Dominance wound - 09/04/19 10:00 AM


Xeno is right about there being an unneutered male.

But there could be a hierarchy issue too. In other words when you add more to a colony, there is a certain 'pecking' order. There may be a conflict in who is boss.

Lyla's wound will have to heal 100% (no scab) before intros can be made.

Intros back into the colony will have to be done. By swapping blankets, and a few toys first.

How many pouches do you keep in the cage?
Posted By: Emilia

Re: Dominance wound - 09/04/19 01:17 PM

The boy is neutered. The two babies were out of pouch in December so they've all been together for a while now. I introduced Lyla in November I think but she was definitely there before the babies
Posted By: Emilia

Re: Dominance wound - 09/04/19 01:24 PM

I always keep at least 4 pouches in the cage. Ive never seen them use more than two at a time, sometimes they'll divide up. Sometimes if the others are being too squirmy my grumpiest girl will go into a pouch by herself for peace. They're in the double wide cage by exotic nutrition and it has a divider so they can all still interact through the bars but Lyla is still alone on her side.
Posted By: Emilia

Re: Dominance wound - 09/04/19 01:26 PM

I'm just really worried they won't accept her back into the colony. What are the chances of that? And if that happened would I have to get a 6th so Lyla had someone to play and snuggle with on her side?
Posted By: Xeno

Re: Dominance wound - 09/05/19 04:57 AM

It is possible she will not be accepted back but the odds are very good she will be. Just let her heal. Keep them close and keep swapping pouches from the beginning so they all keep each other’s smells fresh in their minds. If worst comes to absolute worst I would pick a friend from the gliders you already have and put the two of them together. Even then you can keep trying introductions and most likely it will eventually work. Not splitting her off is not safe for her though. The other gliders will keep licking the wound to “help”.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Dominance wound - 09/05/19 10:23 AM

I agree with Xeno. She needs to be in a separate cage. Where they can't reach her at all.
Posted By: Emilia

Re: Dominance wound - 09/05/19 01:34 PM

This is a picture of the cage, I pulled the divider out a little just so you can see but obviously its normally all the way in. So basically they can touch noses through the bars but there's no way they'd be able to reach her back to get at the wound. Does this look okay? I do have an entirely separate cage if needed.

But thanks for the advice, I'll start swapping pouches

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