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Bml cost - 11/06/06 02:18 PM

For 6 gliders being feed for a month on bml how much do yall think it would cost?
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Re: Bml cost - 11/06/06 02:31 PM

I havent made BML in quite some time, however, the biggest cost is when you first go down and get everything, after that, it will last you a few batches. I would say for six gliders you will probably need three batches of BML for a month. I may be off as I have said I havent made it in a while, but I am thinking your overall cost to make it would be around $25-$30

Im sure those who do use it will be along shortly to let you know what they spend.
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Re: Bml cost - 11/06/06 04:03 PM

One batch last 2 gliders almost a month I believe. I have plenty of ingredients to make another batch and then some. The only extras would be the baby food and juice as the other items are not single serve. It is worth it, mine just love it since I switched.
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Re: Bml cost - 11/06/06 04:30 PM

The most expensive outright purchase is the calcium and vitamins, they average about $13 for both, but, they also last for a while (I won't use mine more than a year after opening). Also, there are other ingredients that get multiple uses.

So, here is my breakdown, I have averaged the multi use things and that is noted after them. This is based on feeding 1 glider for a month:

Honey: $1 (1/2 cup per use, approx. 5 uses)
1 egg: $0.10 (based on the purchase of a dozen fresh)
Wheat Germ: $0.50 (1/4 cup per use, approx. 10 uses)
1/2 cup dry baby cereal: $0.50 (1/2 cup per use, approx. 5 uses)
2 jars chicken baby food: $2
baby juice with yogurt: $0.75
Herptavite: $0.75 (1 teaspoon per use, approx. 12 uses)
2 teaspoons Rep-Cal: $0.75 (2 teaspoons per use, approx. 12 uses)
apple juice: $2.50

Based upon the above breakdown, an average cost per glider for a month of BML would be about $8.00
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Re: Bml cost - 11/06/06 04:34 PM

Oh, I forgot to say this doesn't include the fruits and veggies wink
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Re: Bml cost - 11/06/06 04:44 PM

If you can get some of the ingredients at a food club that helps alittle with the costs. We shop at Sams for our honey and vegtables and buy in bulk when we can. Of course we are caring for 65 gliders right now, we use lots of BML, veggies, fruit and yogurt.
One batch of BML will last one glider one month.
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Re: Bml cost - 11/06/06 04:52 PM

Right now, I have 12 adult gliders who are being fed the BML on a daily basis.

I believe BeckiT was right ON THE NOSE for the costs...your worst expense at the beginning is for the Herptivite & Calcium/D3. I can get a jar of both for $20 total...

In my humble opinion, what Becki quoted for costs is WELL WORTH it to have healthy gliders!!
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Re: Bml cost - 11/06/06 05:03 PM

thats perfect i was trying to dertermine would 6 gliders be to expensive to feed. I am getting 3 gliders soon(1 girl two intact boys) i am a big believer of the natural type housing so i didn't want the male to be by himself. So i found another person who is selling 3 gliders also, only as a group so I was going to put him with the other solo glider. All are young gliders so introductions should go smoothly I hope
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Re: Bml cost - 11/06/06 05:04 PM

Cantaloupe is on sale at Food Lion for 99 Cents each (for those of you that have a food lion)

I have cut up and froze 8 of them this weekend!! That will cut down on my fruit expense. (I will rotate that with other BML fruits and it will last quite a while)
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Re: Bml cost - 01/08/07 02:44 AM

I was wondering if acacia gum fits into this diet at all? Or is it something that you would feed at other time as a supplement and not a regular diet?
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Re: Bml cost - 01/08/07 03:25 AM

Acacia gum is not a part of the BML diet.
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Re: Bml cost - 01/12/07 01:50 AM has great prices on bagged calcium and vitamins. I buy 2 of each at a time, and its $30 shipped. Hope this helps!
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