BML and pregnant gliders

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BML and pregnant gliders - 11/20/06 05:30 AM

My glider is fed BML. What is recommended by the diet for pregnant gliders? Do I hand feed the mom the extra to make sure dad is not getting it?
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Re: BML and pregnant gliders - 11/20/06 06:05 AM

Just feed the suggested amount for each pair of gliders. If all is gone in the morning increase the amount slightly.

For my own gliders... I keep a little dry feed (Mazuri) in a cup 24/7 to offer a little variety which also helps in keeping the teeth clean.
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Re: BML and pregnant gliders - 11/26/06 06:37 PM

It has been recommended with the BML diet that you feed the mama more. When I increased the amount for everyone, papa was a piggie who ate more than his share, so I did give Keiko special treatment (and hand fed her separately) in addition to putting out the normal portions.

With the back-to-basics BML plan, there is a specific list of veggies and fruits. The list of veggies includes green beans, peas, carrots, and corn. The list of fruits includes watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, grapes (seedless), apples, blueberries, and pitted cherries. You also don't really need to put extra food out during the day, and you don't really want to mix and match different diet plans. thumb
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Re: BML and pregnant gliders - 11/26/06 06:43 PM

I also would increase protein, and offer yogurt daily while she is pregnant/nursing. Either extra bugs, or a frozen pinky or fuzzy mouse (dad will want to share, too! smile ) 2 times a week or so.

The difference with fuzzy mice is their bones are more solid (and they-the gliders-do eat EVERYthing), thus have a better calcium/phosphorus ratio than the pinkys...but either will do, and the pinkys are small enough both mom and dad can have their own without having to cut one in half, or having dad fight with mom for hers.

Re: BML and pregnant gliders - 11/26/06 06:51 PM

I'd like to add also that if she is pregnant she needs more mealies for her growing bundle...

Try to distract daddy and slip her a few extras in the morning or remove her from the cage so they don't get snatched from her shock

I do this with my girls because most of the time one inhales them and steals the others while the other tries to savor it... right out of her hands shakehead

She didn't get the memo on sharing roflmao

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Re: BML and pregnant gliders - 11/26/06 07:04 PM

When I have a pregnant momma, I double the BML and add extra mealies or chicken. . . I would not change what you are doing in any other way. BML has consistently helped my momma's have healthy joeys!

Congrats on the new babies when they get here!
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