Question on Darcy's Diet

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Question on Darcy's Diet - 08/31/06 06:41 PM

I know she says she uses a human grade calcium suppliment with the ensure. But does that including vitamin D? Most of the human suppliments I've found have Vitamin D added, and I don't want to give too much to the Suggies. Does anyone know? What do you use? Thanks for any info!
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Re: Question on Darcy's Diet - 08/31/06 07:18 PM

You will need to get the plain Calcium Carbonate with nothing added. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Question on Darcy's Diet - 09/01/06 12:05 AM

According to some post in the past, you can use Jurasical. That's what I ended up getting. It's a calcium powder for reptiles that you should be able to find in the reptile section of a pet store. Much easier than finding the correct human grade calcium tablets and having to crush them.

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Re: Question on Darcy's Diet - 09/01/06 03:14 AM

Here is just a few places you can get human grade powder.

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Re: Question on Darcy's Diet - 09/01/06 03:48 AM

I think the vitamin D is included in the Ensure. Be careful with substitutions; there may be different amounts of calcium in the different products, throwing off the ratios. Here are a couple of threads that might interest you:

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Re: Question on Darcy's Diet - 09/01/06 04:29 AM

Thank you everybody! I'll be off to look for calcium without viamins tomorrow!
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Re: Question on Darcy's Diet - 09/01/06 02:27 PM

It is also allowable with Darcy's diet to use Jurassical from Petco (in the reptile section)'s extremely finely powdered, and will stay in suspension in the Ensure. 5/8 tsp Jurassical with the high calcium Ensure, or 7/8 tsp with the Regular. My guys were on Darcy's for 2 years, and that is what I used, per the diet designer, saharanfox. So that may be easier for you. The bottle has a green cap.

I did notice if you attempt to use the Rep-Cal or a heavier powder/grind than the Jurassical (which has the consistency of powdered sugar), that it tended to settle to the bottom of the dish and be left behind, instead of getting in the glider.
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