darcy diet???

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darcy diet??? - 07/31/08 03:45 PM

Can't seem to get it off of suz web?

Could anyone tell me what darcy diet is?
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Re: darcy diet??? - 07/31/08 04:22 PM

The Darcy Diet was created for Lord Darcy who was sick and if I remember right, overweight. It's not reccomended to feed to healthy gliders as a regular diet...only for sick ones.
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Re: darcy diet??? - 07/31/08 05:13 PM

"Darcy's Diet" is a huge controvercy for me. What is posted online is NOT the diet that Lord Darcy was being fed. It is only a PART of what he was being fed.
What is posted online should be called the ENSURE Diet. For me, I have a big problem with it as my Reep came to me on the "Ensure Diet" and he was almost BALD from head to toe from malnutrition and stress.

Lord Darcy had cancer. The diet was developed to help him maintain weight as the cancer made him not want to eat. Ensure is very high in calories.

With all the other diet choices out there, I can/will not recommend Ensure to any one that has HEALTHY gliders.

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Re: darcy diet??? - 07/31/08 05:16 PM

Not meaning to be rude, but, several of us use the Darcy diet with great success. I have used it for several years and never had a sick glider. Also it does not cause gliders to be fat. My gliders all have the same size cages, ( 55" tall) all have the same wheels, same toys, and the same out of the cage playtimes. Some are fluffy and some are tiny. If it was the diet, then all my gliders would be big.

Diet is VERY important. I found out how important when I did change my diet last year for 1 1/2 months and lost 5 joeys, their mom's could not make enough milk. cry I changed back to Darcy's and have not lost another one. BTW: I had had 26 happy, healthy joeys before the change. These were 5 joeys from 3 different moms, who had all had healthy joeys prior. My vet is the one that told me to go back to Darcy's ASAP to save the rest of my joeys.

There is no diet that is perfect for all gliders. No matter how great a diet is, if your gliders won't eat it, it won't work. It's up to you and your vet as to what the best diet for YOUR gliders is. Whatever diet you chose, please follow the full intructions, don't just use part of this one and part of that. These little one's systems are just to delicate to mess with.
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Re: darcy diet??? - 07/31/08 05:37 PM

just my two cents here... our gliders were very picky and it was VERY difficult for me to find a diet that they would eat consistantly. i used the darcy (ensure) diet for them off and on over several months time while i tried different diets to find one that they would eat consistantly. they LOVED the darcy/ensure diet. they never failed to eat it all! they maintained their health and we had 3 joeys that were born and eventually came OOP while feeding this diet. but i knew that from doing research, this was not a diet that they needed to be on indefinately. in addition, i found out that my gliders would NOT eat anything with honey in it, no matter how small the amount! most of my gliders (with the exception of one, minnie) came from other homes/situations where they were not being fed properly. they were fed junk food, lots of sugary stuff, cat food, etc. just like people who are not used to eating a very good diet, it can take time to change those habits. you can't try a diet one time and then give up on it if they don't eat it. there were many times when i wanted to just throw up my hands in frustration! but i didn't, i kept trying. the diet that they are on now is "Reeps Diet". but this took time and patience. periodically i would mix up the reeps diet and feed it to them, slowly increasing the amount of reeps and decreasing the amount of the ensure until they are now totally on the reeps diet and they all clean their plates every single night without fail! they are all healthy and happy. i very much agree that a good/approved diet is only good for your gliders if they will eat it! one thing you have to remember is the fact that these babies are high maintenance. they have specific dietary needs AND they can be very finicky and picky! lol unfortunately, this can get a little expensive when figuring out a diet they will actually eat. so don't give up. keep trying diets until you find one that they will eat and then stick with it! these furbabies are very much worth the effort!
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Re: darcy diet??? - 07/31/08 08:59 PM

Thanks everyone. The advice that I was given is stick it out a little while longer with BML. If this doesn't work, I have pollen and Wombat coming, so I will try the DPW next.

Does anyone have any advise when to give up on the BML? I have only tried twice. They came form a poor and very different their getting over a parasite that they also got from previous place.
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Re: darcy diet??? - 08/09/08 03:11 AM


you could mash some avocado into the BML, or add just a bit more honey.

If you are really concerned about their weight/health I would stick them on Darcy's because of the stress of everything.


Can I use Rep-Cal with Darcy's?
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Re: darcy diet??? - 08/09/08 03:22 AM

Ive only ever used bml, then switched to hpw...guess mine love honey lol they liked the bml but the hpw...they really clean the bowls and the boys' odor has gone down tremendously! Big plus for me!

I've never read the Darcy diet, so Im pretty useless on that one smile

Amy...I am sure the parasite, the medication, etc might be throwing them off diet wise so I wouldnt switch over just yet. Give them time to adjust...You just got them right? If so, they could still be settling in and getting used to everything.

The avocado trick might work...mine LOVE avocado...they only get a small chunk or 2 very occasionally...I rarely ever buy them, and they go nuts over them! That could be a good way to "trick" them into getting into the bml....
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Re: darcy diet??? - 08/09/08 03:30 AM

Here is a discussion link with the ingredients for it.

Darcy's Diet
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Re: darcy diet??? - 08/09/08 03:40 AM

Thanks Linda, I did look throughout that thread that you Pm'd me with. However, it doesn't really answer my question on Rep-Cal w/ D3 being safe to use in the Darcy's diet plan.

I did find a thread that had a link to a 'how do you feed darcy's?' but the page wasn't available. boo.. read
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Re: darcy diet??? - 08/09/08 03:43 AM

I simply must chime in on this discussion.

I feed my gliders Ensure every day. My breeder and I have modified Darcy's Diet to something that suits our gliders. My breeder has twelve, thirteen and fourteen-year-old gliders. My six are robust and healthy.

In regards to Ensure making sugar gliders fat, I have three very slender gliders, two average weight and one very fat glider.

The notion that Ensure or Darcy's Diet is unhealthy for sugar gliders is absurd and unfounded. The same claims are made about BML. Look at the article Sugar Glider University put out on it. Neither diet is unhealthy unless it is fed to the gliders incorrectly.
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Re: darcy diet??? - 08/09/08 03:45 AM

Oh I found it; Nope, not with D3
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Re: darcy diet??? - 08/09/08 03:24 PM

Originally Posted By: Kiiru
The Darcy Diet was created for Lord Darcy who was sick and if I remember right, overweight. It's not reccomended to feed to healthy gliders as a regular diet...only for sick ones.

The original "sick glider" version of this diet was unlimited Ensure and unlimited protein (mostly bugs), to put and keep weight on my glider --Lord Darcy-- when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma back in 2002 (by an experienced zoo vet and confirmed by Cornell University.)
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Re: darcy diet??? - 08/09/08 03:24 PM

The creator of the diet's comment, the very last one at the bottom.
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