Ensure and Sustagen, same?

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Ensure and Sustagen, same? - 05/25/06 07:32 PM

there's one thing i cant get clear of. As noted in the Darcy's Ensure diet, we could use either ENSURE or SUSTAGEN(as the european brand name) however, we have both the ENSURE and SUSTAGEN here. but the Ensure is a nutritional supplement powder for adults and Sustagen is a Milk Formula for Developing children. here's the link to both of it that is available here:



will it be safe to use Sustagen? i know the Ensure is the right one to use in the Darcy's diet, but the sustagen...? does growing up MILK means it contains lactose(which gliders are not supposed to take)?
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Re: Ensure and Sustagen, same? - 05/25/06 09:19 PM

I am not diet bashing. I just came across this article and thought it was interesting. If you have a sick glider then it is perfectly safe to use. You'll have to scroll down a bit.
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Re: Ensure and Sustagen, same? - 05/25/06 09:22 PM

Here is another article. Again you'll have to scroll down a bit.
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Re: Ensure and Sustagen, same? - 05/26/06 12:36 AM


I might suggest Dr C. obtain Ian Hume's publication
"Marsupial Nutrition" 1999 - I think she may enjoy it.

Dr C is incorrect on several statements in regards to the legal issues in Australia - especially in speaking for S.A.
(South Australia)
Permits are required - I personally know of several Aussies that have had & do have many species of <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" />'s including our <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" />'s & these have been kept & bred quite legally for many many years!

Also unless you hold a Rescue & Rehabilitation of Native Wildlife permit - it is illegal to release ANY native animal species anywhere in Australia. It is also illegal to obtain them from the wild unless you obtain a different permit.

I am quite curious as to what captive diet she suggests as proven & by whom - Healesville diet was created by Des Hackett.
Healesville looks to have changed a bit thru the years!
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Re: Ensure and Sustagen, same? - 05/26/06 01:56 AM

If you have the Ensure available. I would go with that one.
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Re: Ensure and Sustagen, same? - 05/26/06 08:51 AM

really interesting.. though i've read that before at her site already.. but its a good thing to post it here.. at least others can read too. yup.. that was what i was also wondering about that glider formula which uses human nutritional supplement. Im currently on the BML, however, it seems that the BML is not favour much by my female but Mr.Salt loves it alot.. the BML is untouchable only till afternoon, its half gone.. lol..

oh.. n is it Sustagen the Growing Up Milk for Children that people use for gliders as well??is it lactose free?
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