well water ok?

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well water ok? - 07/10/06 06:44 PM

I have well water and was wondering if that is ok for them to drink? ... thnx
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Re: well water ok? - 07/10/06 06:51 PM

Water is probably one of the most important health factors for you're glider. I would recommend using either bottled water or getting a filter for your faucet & changing the cartridge regularly.
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Re: well water ok? - 07/10/06 07:01 PM

I have one of those big gallon PUR water containers that I use for my gliders. If I mix up glideraide I use that and when I put water in their bottles.

They seem to like the fruit juice Nurigrlider better and it h as acica gum in it. With that they don't seem to drink a lot of water of course I still provide it but when I go to take out their bowls for the next feeding the Nurtriglider bowl is EMPTY <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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Re: well water ok? - 07/10/06 07:02 PM

Oh and I forgot to mention that PUR DOES remove gardia!!

And other nasty things in water!!
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Re: well water ok? - 07/10/06 07:03 PM

I have well water and it taste great and has been tested several times BUT I won't drink it and I don't let my gliders either. We buy bottled water. There's just too many little critters that could be in the water for me to be confortable. We have a filter system on the well and everything but not being processed I'm not confortable with it. I do dishes (I boil the water and soak the waterbottles even) and laundry with it and that's about it.
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Re: well water ok? - 07/10/06 07:06 PM

Thanks for the help.....
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Re: well water ok? - 07/11/06 08:19 AM

What about using water that comes from the fridge when you have well water?
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Re: well water ok? - 07/11/06 09:23 AM

To me, not being processed is the problem - whether it comes through a filter or not. I know chemicals are not the best but what they do to the bottle water to me is just safer. I know I've made a pitcher of tea with our well water once and in a few hours it had floaties in it. I'm sure it was fine but that did it for me <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> We now use bottled water for drinking. Plus with my dogs they need the floride that is added to the water per my vet so I imagine that would be a problem for any animal drinking well water.
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Re: well water ok? - 07/11/06 12:36 PM

I use my well water. Using bottled water seems silly, if they dont get pure water in the wild then close to pure well water should be fine, all of my other animals have done great with it over more than 10 years and lived full happy long lives.
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Re: well water ok? - 07/11/06 12:54 PM

I understood the well water to contain alot of iron, not something I'd want to share with my suggies, ......... for those of you who mentioned testing, exactly what does the test show when you've had your well water tested??
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Re: well water ok? - 07/11/06 01:50 PM

It shows the bacterial and mineral levels and how safe it is or is not to drink. I work at a Title Company closing on houses and I know that if a well comes back with a bad test they will pour bleach down it wait a day and test again to get good results - doesn't fix anything just gives better results so the lender will accept the results and move forward with the loan. Guess it depends on the quality of the water. I just don't trust mine enough for drinking <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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