monkey biscuits

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monkey biscuits - 09/25/06 07:25 PM

could i feed my gliders monkey biscuits as a treat even if they are on teh bml diet?
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Re: monkey biscuits - 09/26/06 12:46 AM

When I had mine on BML I gave them one every so often as a treat. The main thing you don't want to do is give them something on a regular basis changing the foundation of the diet.
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Re: monkey biscuits - 09/26/06 01:08 AM

How do most gliders receive these biscuits? And do they have to be soaked first in juice or so?
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Re: monkey biscuits - 09/26/06 01:11 AM

I keep a monkey biscuit or two in the cage at night just as a 'chew snack'. I just place them in there dry and they nibble and wrestle and chew on them when they are hungry or bored. They don't ruin their appetite with them but it is something to munch on that keeps them busy.

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Re: monkey biscuits - 09/26/06 02:52 AM

My gliders get a monkey biscuit once a week. A few times I've given it to them dry and they love gnawing on it like it's a tree branch. Most of the time I put about a tablespoon of Goya papaya nectar or plain old apple juice in the bottom of a small bowl. Then I just toss the monkey biscuit into the bowl and the biscuit will draw in all the liquid until it looks like a soaked sponge.
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