Salmonella and food poisoning the same?

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Salmonella and food poisoning the same? - 11/21/06 05:26 PM

Is food poisoning necessarily the same as salmonella? Has anyone ever had salmonella or thier pet? My family visited my grand dad (bless his heart) and he cooked us a meal with a chicken from his deep freezer. We ALL were sick thet night with diahrea. With all the RANDOM testing and discovery of salmonella in foods I wonder how much IS MISSED. I wonder if there are different levels of contamination and danger.
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Re: Salmonella and food poisoning the same? - 11/21/06 06:25 PM

The answer to that is both yes and no.

Food poisoning is basically a generic term used until the real cause is determined. Salmonella can be that cause though there could be other bacterias causing the problem.
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Re: Salmonella and food poisoning the same? - 11/21/06 07:08 PM

You also know that there is an alloted amount of rat and mice droppings in things such as cereal and chocolate. Grosses me out just thinking about it but sure doesn't stop me from eating it.
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Re: Salmonella and food poisoning the same? - 11/21/06 08:35 PM

Salmonella is one of the organisms that can cause the illness called food poisoning. It is present in a very high percentage of raw poultry, but is destroyed by cooking. It is a public health hazard when it contaminates foods that are not cooked, like salad ingredients and fruits.

Proper handling of raw foods and cooking to high enough temperatures to kill naturally occuring organisms is essential or you will get food poisoning.

You must not allow anything that touched the raw food to touch the cooked food or the cooked food can become re-contaminated.

We used to be much more aware of these issues because we processed our own food. Now it all comes from the market in a very nice looking package and we have to remember that it needs special handling.

Actually, our food supply is safer than it has ever been. Interstingly, our knowledge of how to handle food safely seems to be decreasing

Despite mass media campaigns explaining safe kitchen practices and guidelines for the safe handling of the Thanksgiving bird and stuffing, the number of food poisoning cases continues to rise every year after the holiday meal.

Have a kitchen safe and Happy Thanksgiving


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