Average Cost a month of diets

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Average Cost a month of diets - 05/02/07 03:45 AM

What is the average cost per month for each diet? I'd assume the pelleted ones are the cheapest. Include what you pay for vitamins even if they last for multiple months. Just average in what they would be for 1 month.

BML? Pricillas? Suncoast? Wombaroo?
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Re: Average Cost a month of diets - 05/02/07 03:52 AM

Great question! I am interested in this as well smile
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Re: Average Cost a month of diets - 05/02/07 03:58 AM

Ok, I feed mine the suncoast diet, and I have two gliders. I have come up with a fairly rough (although estimated a little bit on the high side on purpose) estimate of what it costs for food only and this is what I found: Approx $35 per month. I also buy my babies only organic fruits and veggies and organic or natural yogurt and eggs and whatnot (for the egg cereal honey mixture that they get sometimes). Some months might get a little higher, depending on what is in season, and others maybe lower. This also doesn't include their treats!!! (can't have enough of those LOL)
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Re: Average Cost a month of diets - 05/02/07 03:59 AM

Oh and thanks for posting this question! I think it will be very helpful to lots of people:)
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Re: Average Cost a month of diets - 05/02/07 06:36 PM

Need some more feedback here please
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Re: Average Cost a month of diets - 05/02/07 06:55 PM

I use Darcy's Diet, three gliders, I would estimate roughly $5 per week not counting mealies (since the cost of these vary a lot whether you purchase online or at the petstore) or treats. They eat whatever fresh fruits or veggies we are having. If we aren't having any, they have frozen mixed veggies, their favorite...(which is like $1.50 per bag). So that cost includes the ensure, calcium, bag of veggies, a jar of chicken baby food, an egg. There aren't that many treats my guys go nuts over so mealies and wax worms are usually their treats and they get as much variety of fruits and veggies as I do.
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Re: Average Cost a month of diets - 05/02/07 08:52 PM

I use the SunCoast diet with my three gliders. I think their food costs averages at about $30 every 2.5/3 months. Mealworms and the zookeeper's secret are the main things you need for the diet on a regular basis (the vitamins should last about a year depending on how many gliders you have). Since I eat fruit and vegetables, I have a supply anyway. Plus, compared to me, they hardly eat much.
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Re: Average Cost a month of diets - 05/03/07 05:50 AM

I use the SunCoast diet with my two gliders as well, mostly because the hubby and I really enjoy having to "finish up" the fresh fruits and veggies every night. It's laying the ground for our future ground-breaking "Sugar Glider Diet for Humans". I don't want to give away too much, but apparently by adding fresh organic produce to your dinners in lieu of bacon cheeseburgers, you can lose weight. Obviously, once I get a celebrity on board, I will make millions. wink

We use the ZooMed canned mealies, crickets and grasshoppers because we tried live and there was a cricket prison break. Not pleasant. The canned option helps do away with my queasiness about handling live insects as well, although the smell of bugs cooked in their own juices takes a little getting used to.

All in all, I would say we spend about $20-30 a month on produce depending on the season (more in the winter, less when the farmer's markets are at their peak in spring and summer). The vionate and rep-cal supplements cost just over seven bucks apiece for a year's supply and the zookeeper's secret runs just under fourteen dollars for a two month supply.

That said, I do buy all of that stuff from SunCoast and it is really hard to resist the call of more stainless steel feeding dishes (you can always use more dishes, right?) and glider-safe faux foliage while ordering the zookeeper's secret every few months.
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