Reep's Diet (another diet alternative)

Posted By: Dancing

Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 10/18/07 03:55 PM

I have been hesitant about posting this diet publicly but after seeing what it has done for REEP , I feel confident enough to now share Reep's diet with everyone. This is the diet I have been feeding my gliders for over 2 years. This diet has proven itself to me but each of us must research and use our best judgments about diets. I suggest you take this to your vet and ask about it before using it. My gliders are picky (most won't eat any honey or anything with honey in it) but I've not had one refuse this mix yet. This mix has NOT been tested by vets or labs, only through use in my home and a few others. Approximately 45 gliders have been on this diet for 2+ years. Many others are currently on it as well. I've had wonderful healthy joeys born on this diet without any complications.

Reep's Diet

2 tablespoons Wambaroo High Protein Supplement
1/4 cup Rice Baby Cereal (Multi Grain can be used)
2 (2.5 oz) jars Chicken Baby Food (chicken in gravy)
5 ounces Apple Juice (I just empty the baby food from the jars and use those to measure)

Mix all this in a bowl with a spoon until smooth. No need to use a blender. Easy to mix, easy to clean up. This makes (approximately)30 servings and can be frozen.

Feed nightly:

2 teaspoons mix* per glider.
1 tablespoon mixed veggies** per glider
1 tablespoon fruit*** per glider

Three times per week feed 1 teaspoon per glider of yogurt. Bugs Mealies are a treat, not a daily food item. Crickets could be fed a couple times per week but I will not feed them due to the risk of aflatoxins.

*Adjust the amount so they are just cleaning their plates. Cut back to 1 1/2 teaspoon for gliders with weight issues. I feed a pair of gliders what a normal kitchen (tea)spoon will hold. Give a little more for pregnant/nursing mothers. My joeys are all weaned onto this diet.

**I feed frozen corn, peas, green beans, carrots mix. Every now and then I will offer other veggies as more of a treat such as cucumber, broccoli, and squash.

*** I usually feed only one fruit per night but rotate what fruits I feed during the week.

With the fruits and veggies, look at the ca:P ratios and try to make sure you are balancing out the 2:1 ratio over the course of the week.

For example, corn and peas are calcium negative but green beans and carrots are calcium positive.
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Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 10/18/07 04:03 PM

Teresa...I use this diet for my stripped possum, Boo. He is really picky and won't eat but he loves this and is VERY healthy!!
Posted By: GliderLove

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 10/18/07 04:15 PM

T- I think it's great that others are going out on the "limb" to post their diet. Their are many diets out there that are just as healthy.

For the same reasons as you, is why I chose to wait many years before posting our diet anywhere. I have used our diet for 10+ years and feel it has proven it self to me as well.

Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 10/18/07 04:37 PM

Thank you so much for sharing this with us T.

Can I ask, how long have you been using it? and how old are your gliders? Have you ever had any seriously health issues with them - reflective of possible diet issues?

Thank you again. I for one, truly appreciate your efforts to post what such a valued member of our board uses.

Posted By: the gliders angel

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 10/19/07 07:09 AM

i use this diet from dancing for over 2 yrs. but also add a little more variety like once a wk egg or chicken breast with a wide variety of veggies and fruits. also a little pasta brown rice an almond on occasion or pine nut. etc etc etc.
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 10/19/07 03:54 PM

Can I ask, how long have you been using it? and how old are your gliders? Have you ever had any seriously health issues with them - reflective of possible diet issues?

I have had gliders here for over 10 years. Dexter is my oldest at 12 yrs old. I have one that is just over a week oop and some ip. So I have a wide range of ages here. Most are in the 4-7 year range.

I have NEVER had a sick glider. I have had more than my share of injuries but that is the nature of rescue work. I have had two of my gliders die in 10+ years. Nickolas was my first and we believe it may have been cause by a genetic issue (birth defect). He was one year old. The other was my little girl Spryte and she had a whole host of genetic issues that she came to me with. (there's a thread on her in Health forum) Neither of their deaths were in anyway diet related.

I want to add here that I totally support the BML diet. I think it is fantastic and have used it myself and have seen the remarkable recoveries of rescues taken off horrible diets and placed on BML. For me though, most of my gliders won't eat honey. This is why I had to develope something else.

I also want people to realize that there is much more that needs to be considered about diets than the calcium:phosphrous ratios. There are other vitamins and minerals that need to be considered. You can not just pick out all high calcium fruits and vegies and think that you are giving a balanced diet. Please do not just haphazardly put together a diet for your gliders. Make sure you research things like what Iron does to the ability to absorb calcium. What the difference is between Vit A and Beta Caradine. Things like that. Diet is COMPLICATED!
Posted By: tngliderlover

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 12/02/07 06:25 PM

My gliders are getting to be picky eaters. I've been using the HPW diet for awhile now, but they don't want to eat the HPW mixture anymore, maybe due to not liking the honey. upset Has anyone else experienced their gliders NOT liking the HPW mixture?
I want to try Reep's diet because that's what Littleman & Valentino were eating before I got them from Teresa (Dancing).
I had a question about how to keep the Reep's mixture. Should I keep it frozen immediately upon making the batch, like I did the HPW mixture? What's the consistency when you freeze it (like do you need a chisel to get it out roflmao or will it be fairly easy to spoon out)?

Posted By: Srlb

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 12/02/07 06:32 PM

Has anyone else experienced their gliders NOT liking the HPW mixture?

I have never had an issue with my gliders not liking it. dunno

I also tend to have a feeling (just a personal feeling) that it may also be from the different types of bee pollen used out there. I have always used australian bee pollen.

As for how to keep Reeps diet, I am sure Teresa will be along soon to help you out with that one.

Which ever way you go, best of luck to you. thumb
Posted By: MizValorie

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 12/02/07 06:44 PM

I agree with peggy that I believe it may have something to do with using different types of bee pollen.

The first few times I made a few batches of hpw, it was with a different type of bee pollen and my gliders hardly touched it. I switched to the australian bee pollen (from and they greedily ate it. I've been on it for a year now and they don't gobble it up every night like in the beginning, but a fair amount definitely gets ate, so that I'm satisfied.
Posted By: tngliderlover

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 12/02/07 06:46 PM

Peggy,that's a good point about the bee pollen. What I've been using is from the Great Lakes region.
What's weird is that my other 2 gliders (before I got Littleman & Valentino), just loved the HPW mixture; now THEY don't even like it! ohwell
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 12/02/07 07:31 PM

My gliders wouldn't eat the HPW either, again because of the honey.

Yes, bee pollen from different regions will taste different as will honey. The pollen is taken from the surrounding plants/flowers and so will taste different. This is why you can find different flavors of honey such as Clover (most common) and Buckwheat. The bees are placed where they have access to the clover or the buckwheat to gather pollen from.

As for keeping Reep's diet. I mix up a batch a night so isn't really an issue for me storing it HOWEVER, I did get lazy and made up a weeks worth once and just froze it in ice cube trays. Once frozen, run the back of the trays under the water for a little and they will pop right out. Then store in a zip lock freezer bag.
Posted By: glidrz5

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 12/05/07 05:58 PM

Lynn, I feed Reeps diet also & my kids really chow down on it. Since I don't have as many fur babies as Teresa, I will freeze a batch after I make it. That way I don't have to worry that it might go bad. I keep it in the ice cube tray (covered of course) & pop out a couple of cubes nightly. I then zap it for 30 seconds to soften it so I can re-stir it and add in a little bit more juice (since I want to up my kids vitamin C a bit)
Posted By: pappy1264

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 05/27/08 08:35 PM

I have never seen this! But I think I may have to try this (it DOESN'T have egg in babies won't eat anything with egg in it!) Have to order some Wombaroo and give it a try!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Reep's Diet (another diet alternative) - 08/08/08 10:37 PM

all of our gang love the reeps' diet. i haven't had a plate with any left on it yet! lol in the beginning it was tough getting them to transition over to reep's, but they wouldn't eat any other of the diets either. they wouldn't eat ANYTHING WITH HONEY OR EGG at all, that is what made me change to reep's... and i just had to slowly, time and time again transition them with a little more reep's and less of the other, and eventually they are completely on reep's and life is sooooooooooooooooooo much nicer! lol thanks teresa! oh, and it usually doesn't take us very long to go through a batch, so i don't usually freeze what i make, i keep it in a margarine container in the fridge. it's easy to make, the ingredients are easy to come by, and it's not overly expensive. all good points for me. sometimes i will put some in ice cube trays if i know that i'm coming up on a time when someone else will have to help feed them, just so it makes it easier on them! lol i found the BEST ice cube trays at target! in their dollar aisle. they are silicone/rubbery and these specific ones are purple and hexigon shaped! lol but they each hold perfect 2tsp amounts (without filling each section right to the top) so then i pop them all out and put them in a zippy freezer bag. and everybody knows here that it is one per glider. it's awesome. oh, and my gang WILL eat egg, but not mixed with anything else! lol they like it boiled and then i run it in my tiny food processor so it's all chopped up, they love it. but they won't touch a scrambled egg at all.

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