Marrow and Cartilege

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Marrow and Cartilege - 04/03/08 04:53 PM

does anyone here feed marrow or cartiledge to their gliders, even as a treat?

I was talking to my vet today and was telling him how i wish there was a better way to feed chicken to my gliders because all meats are generally high in phosphorous, but in the wild, the animals not only eat the meat, they eat the cartiledge, bone, and marrow, which is how they get their calcium to balance without needing suppliments.. This is not only true for sugar gliders who eat birds and small animals, but also true for cats and such..

So he suggested i call the butcher shop and see what they have as far as cartiledge and marrow bones so i called.> They said they do not have the cartiledge because the sides of beef are sectioned off and the cartiledge is taken off before the beef even makes it to the butcher shop, BUT he did say that they have 6" long Marrow bones where the marron is about 2" in diameter and would be easy to scoop out.. I plan on stopping by there tomorrow to talk to the guy about preparation and such
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Re: Marrow and Cartilege - 04/03/08 06:01 PM

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Re: Marrow and Cartilege - 04/03/08 06:32 PM

What diet are you feeding?
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Re: Marrow and Cartilege - 04/03/08 06:48 PM

I don't know about the marrow and cart. I have never cosidered it for mine but I guess they get it when people feed pinky mice or day old chicks.(smaller quantities than you are mentioning but it's still there.
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Re: Marrow and Cartilege - 04/03/08 07:01 PM

well, the marrow and cartiledge is definitely safe, my vet would not have recommended it if it wasnt safe. And it can be chopped up into small portions and given that way, i wouldnt have to give an entire huge bone to my gliders in one sitting. it would probably be mixed in with the chicken breast to make the meat more balanced.

Leyna, i am actually using a slightly altered diet from what suncoast diet is. It was put together by a few vets in the area because my vet is totally into nutrition and such and he owns sugar gliders himself.

I basically explained to him how, no matter what i did, i COULD NOT get my gliders to eat an approved diet. I tried HPW and they gave up on that in a month, BML they never really ate, Suncoast they wouldnt touch the pellets after DAYS.. So when i explained this to him, he came up with a more "natural" diet without a nectar, but the diet is pretty well balanced. I just dont feel comfortable sharing it just yet because i know how many people are diets and such..

I do want to make sure you ALL know that i did not do this myself and it was put together by a handful of VERY knowledgable vets
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Re: Marrow and Cartilege - 04/03/08 10:58 PM

Hum... I really don't want to toss out a random opinion when I don't know what you are feeding. I know that bone marrow is very healthy and very lean mean. I would be slightly concerned about the lack of fat in the meat, as odd as that might sound. Did you know that if humans ate nothing but rabbit meat, they would die because their meat is too lean to support our bodies? Would they be getting a fat source? Maybe a wee little bit of avocado?
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Re: Marrow and Cartilege - 04/04/08 01:25 AM

the marrow would only be in place of the chicken that is only a small part of their diet. There are 4 sources of protien in this diet, each are given on their own days, the marrow would just take the place of one of those sources.

THANKS for the info though, i did not know there was that much of a lack of fat in there. LUCKILY that will not be a huge problem for me. THANKS for the info
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