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Phenylalanine? - 03/25/09 06:18 PM

I found these two links that had some interesting Glider articles on them
A couple of them mentioned phenylalanine and the risks to gliders. the articles mentioned that foods such as legumes, pasta, grains, fish, nuts and seeds all contain this and it can cause seizures or lesions on the brain similar to humans that are sensitive to this. some yogurts I beleive also contain this. does anyone out there have any more information on this? Is this a real concern? any information would be helpful. thanks
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Re: Phenylalanine? - 03/25/09 07:33 PM

Isn't Phenylalanine only used in sugar-free stuff? I thought it was an ingredient in artificial sweeteners.

My mom used to never let me buy gum with phenylalanine in it because it was said to cause cancer.

I never heard of it being in pastas/fish/nuts/etc... before though...
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Re: Phenylalanine? - 03/25/09 07:41 PM

Yes. the article mentioned it and I did a quick search on the internet and it is in many dairy products (including yogurt) eggs, poultry. In my search a few sites claim it is soooo bad but others say it has benefial effects. oh so much to worry about. wine/chocolate/milk/eggs/fish/tv/video games is good for you today and bad for you tomorrow....
one of the articles did mention that when ingested naturally through foods it is ok (now define ok) but when used in concentrated amounts such as in sweeteners it is bad...
was hoping someone (anyone) could be a voice of reason on this. It is so easy to get paranoid "oh my GOD another dietary thing to worry about" just like tuna fish. always thought is was good for you now they say dont eat it more than once a wekk because of mercury...we need a new planet...
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Re: Phenylalanine? - 03/25/09 08:25 PM

Most of us try to avoid artificial sweeteners with our gliders completely (aspartame is a source of phenylalanine).

There are people that are prone to problems with phenylalanine because they cannot metabolize it fully or properly. For these people, the food sources are a concern, but for most of the population, as long as you aren't over-doing it, they won't see the effects to a major degree (from my understanding). I don't know that we have heard of any gliders specifically having problems with it and even if they did, I don't know how those symptoms would appear in them. dunno
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