maple syrup: good or bad?

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maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/22/09 11:28 PM

My new vet is trying to do as much research on sugar gliders as he can, so that I can bring my little ones to him. He said he was wondering if it would be ok to substitute teh honey in the BML mix with maple syrup during the fall and winter months? He said he was reading that in the wild, they drink sap and so I would think that maple syrup would be ok...or is there too much additives in there? just wondering. i haven't tried it.
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Re: maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/22/09 11:32 PM

I personally would just stick with the diet plan just to avoid any possible risks. As many will probably point out, the BML diet is sensitive to changes.
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Re: maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/22/09 11:47 PM

Maple syrup has actual sugar, coloring and preservatives in it, whereas honey doesn't. In fact, honey is the only food that doesn't spoil, without preservatives.

It's cool your vet is doing research! He can call one of several exotic vets for phone consults if he needs to.

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Re: maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/22/09 11:50 PM

I have done alot of research in this area and my vet also likes to see alittle syrup in the diet BUT NOT AUNT JEMIMA OR LOG CABIN type syrups!!! But use real, natural maple syrup, which does not contain any colorings, preservatives, etc!!! and it should be diluted down. syrup is concentrated tree sap. You need to mix it about 1 part syrup to 40 parts water to get it NEAR what it is like from the tree.
It is higher in calcium that honey so you would have to figure out how much to dilute it down to keep it at the right ratio, but even doing that you may still be adding too much calcium to the mix which can be just as bad as not enough.
you would need to figure out just how much calcium is in the BML and then figure out the amount of calcium in the syrup you want to add. I know ratio is an important thing, but so is the actual amount of calcium (in milligrams) you could have a great ratio but still provide too much or not enough calcium.
Keep in mind too that in the wild gliders dont really consume honey, but they do consume some nectar. Of course honey is concentrated nectar, just like syrup is concentrated sap. so both CAN have their place in a glider diet. I personnally use alittle of both in my glider diets. when ypu start researching the nutritional breakdown of tree saps you will be surprised to find out they contain lots of carbs, polysacharides (SUCROSE) and minerals. Honey while a good food, has mostly fructose as opposed to sucrose. I suggest doing research on the affects of these 2 sugars on the body.
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Re: maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/23/09 12:14 AM

I personally would just stick to what is called
for in the diet. I wouldn't change or substitute anything unless there has been a ton of research done on it. But that's just my opinion. I would prefer not to risk the safety and health of my gliders.

Your vet can consult on the phone with Dr.Tristan. He is an awesome vet and a sugar glider expert. My vet has done consults with him before.
Here is his number:

(361) 994-1145
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Re: maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/23/09 12:17 AM

Just wanted to add as well, as I have been told many times, that the creator of the BML diet is on GC -- Bourbon. I am sure that if you contacted her, she would be more than happy to respond.
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Re: maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/23/09 02:57 AM

That's a good suggestion. I think it would be tricky and more expensive to find suitable maple syrup, and honey is always readily available so why not just "stick" with that? wink
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Re: maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/24/09 08:50 PM

i buy organic maple syrup and add the 40 parts of spring
water to give to my gliders once in awhile.
when i make their boiled egg mixture i add a little of
organic raw honey, with other ingreds. for a mash and
they love that also.
i try to buy all organic and thankfully i am seeing a better
variety now.

nancy in detroit
p.s. my gliders are on the suncoast diet.
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Re: maple syrup: good or bad? - 11/26/09 04:44 AM

thanks all for the help! i've decided to just stick with honey. it's easier.
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