Making a Colony - Need Help

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Making a Colony - Need Help - 02/05/07 07:27 PM

I currently have two female gliders approximately 1 yr old (don’t know exact OOP dates) that I have had for a little over 10 months. I’m thinking about adding two neutered males and making a small colony. I have so many questions – I feel like I’m learning about gliders for the first time! I know that ultimately it all depends on the individual gliders, but……

1) Would 2 neutered males and 2 females be a good mix?

2) Does the age of the 2 neutered males matter?

3) Would it be better to find 2 males that are already familiar/bonded with each other and intro both at the same time, or intro one now and another in a few months?

4) My two are bra babies. Is it okay to still carry them around together and just get the two males out in a bonding pouch? (I don’t think I could get all four of them in my bra together!) Or would it be better to mix them up a bit and just change who’s where every day?

5) If for some reason they all wouldn’t get along, how do people with multiple cages divide their time? (I already feel guilty if I have to cut their usual 3-3 ½ hour play time each night short, and 6-7 hours total play time each night would be impossible unless the two new ones woke up for the evening at 7pm.)

6) Is it possible to see how my two would react to other gliders by meeting with someone else and their gliders – let them sniff, see, etc? Or is that not advisable?

7) I have a 2’x3’x6.5’ cage – would 4 gliders be comfortable in that?

8) Has anyone that’s done this noticed a difference in their “first” gliders’ attitudes towards you – spending less time with you/on you, not wanting as much to do with you, etc.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but these will do for a start. I just want as much info as possible to know I’m making the best decision for all of us. I love my two girls and the time we spend together, I just thought they might like some more friends to play with and I don’t want to just add one and have someone be left out. grin I’d really appreciate everyone’s opinions and experiences. Thanks!
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Re: Adding Gliders to a Pair - Need Info & Experiences - 02/05/07 11:10 PM

I`ll do my best to answer as many as I can to the best of my knowledge.

1) I believe a lot of people have done this mix, I haven`t

2)I don`t believe it does as long as none of them are young joeys. I hear that the older the gliders are, the more difficult it may be to pair them up. Not sure how much truth is behind that.

3)I would think it would work out even better if 2 were already bonded

4) I don`t think it would hurt to mix them up as long as they`re all bonded unless you`d be interested in buying a size "DD" bra roflmao

5)I have 4 cages and there`s no way I`d have time to take all my gliders out each night. I usually take turns each night. 2 of the cages includes one male and one female that I`m trying to pair up, so they work out as one playtime. Some nights I`ll do 2 playtimes.

6)Nope, I wouldn`t advise that at all. Gliders need to gradually get to know each other`s scent by swapping pouches for a length of time, and cages next to each other for awhile before starting an introduction. Very occasionally it may work out say with young joeys etc. but definitely not adviseable. I don`t think that would be fair to them anyways, if they did like each other but them they`d never see each other again. I wouldn`t do it.

7) I think that size should be fine

8) As long as they`re not left alone too much, I think it makes my gliders want me more heart

Hopefully more experienced people will be along to offer more help and advice thumb
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Re: Adding Gliders to a Pair - Need Info & Experiences - 02/06/07 03:34 AM

Thanks Denise! Any one else want to add?
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Re: Adding Gliders to a Pair - Need Info & Experiences - 02/06/07 11:56 PM

Anyone?? dunno
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Re: Adding Gliders to a Pair - Need Info & Experiences - 02/07/07 12:54 AM

1) Yes this can be done and has been done

2) I would try to keep them all close to the same size, so age doesn't really matter unless you are trying to introduce babies to adults...

3) Introducing two males is a little tricky even if neutered. I would try to find brothers and have them neutered or boys that have already been with each other that are neutered.

4) Mixing them up is just fine. When they are sleeping they don't really care what they are cuddlin with smile

5) You would have to do seperate play times. When I had two cages of gliders. I would play with one set in the tent for 1 1/2 hours while the other pair was playing in the bath room (totally glider proofed, toilet drained, lid closed... the bathroom was actually decked out with vines and ropes all hung every where). And then for the next 1 1/2 hours I would switch pairs.

6) Gliders are very scent oriented. So this isn't a good idea. It could lead to injuries.

7) that size is fine... bigger is always better for any glider though smile

8) They should still love you and want you. They aren't like birds where if you have a friend they will only bond with the bird friend and not as well to you. They all should keep a strong bond with you, unless you are not paying any attention to them.

Denise gave you some great info and I do agree with what she said smile
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Re: Adding Gliders to a Pair - Need Info & Experiences - 02/07/07 02:52 AM

Tracie, we recently introduced two girls to our little boy and following the advice of everyone here when we were ready.....before the girls got here, we put stuff Bingo ( who had recently lost mate)had slept in (or otherwise made his own if you get our into their cage so their "new" stuff when they got here already smelled like him....then they were "housed" next door to each other in seperate cages....the first night they arrived, Zoey made the tiniest little crabbing noise, Bingo (ususally a late sleeper) was out of his pouch immediately.....when he saw the girls for the first time he started barking so happily it made us laugh out loud....over the course of several days, the girls would bark at him and prance over to the wall the two cages "shared", they would reach through the bars and tough Bingo then bark and run away....cutest thing ever.....after this for a while we did tent time as a group so any aggression could be controlled easier....we'll we were worried for was love (can you have it as a three way????LOL) at first sight....they have been crammed into the tightest little spaces as a threesome ever since.....the point of my rambling is that it seems if you obtained two that were already bonded, your introductions would be eased (and ours....they had us in stitches from the get go)....good luck and you know we will need photos.....keep us posted
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Re: Adding Gliders to a Pair - Need Info & Experiences - 02/07/07 03:39 AM

Thank you all for your input. I'm still trying to convince hubby that I need two more gliders. At least I feel a little more prepared now if he will agree to it! My biggest fear is that they won't get along and I'll have to have two cages and divide my time. Plus anytime we go away for a weekend and it's within driving distance, the back of the Jeep is already loaded with glider things and I'd have to double up on all of it (shhh, don't tell hubby that part!). grin
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Re: Adding Gliders to a Pair - Need Info & Experiences - 02/07/07 03:57 AM

Multiple cages CAN present its share of challenges...I have 3 cages of suggies & love each one for the affections each bunch gives me. I give every family an hour apiece for playtime, then reward their return to their cages with "suppertime".

You could be sneaky like I was when cage #3 moved husband was down at the Indy 500 & came home to a WHOLE new bunch of suggies to contend with! But he's a good sport: I made him "babysit" my one family in a snuggly pouch while I washed their many hubbies would sit still for THAT?
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Re: Adding Gliders to a Pair - Need Info & Experiences - 02/07/07 05:55 AM

37creekview, that's good to hear, as I've been thinking of getting a pair of females for my neutered boy who lost his mate a while ago! smile
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