Bra baby training?

Posted By: MissSarah

Bra baby training? - 07/31/09 03:56 PM

The family i just took in has a joey thats around 9 weeks. I'd like to try and train him to be a bra baby.

What age is good to start that? Is it going to be okay to take him away from his parents? Hes weaned and everything, but they've been through so much as it is i dont want to just add to their stress.

Hes a crabber, thats for sure. Im majorly confused as far as this issue. I've read to take it at their pace and if theyre crabbing to back off. I've also read that if you go away when they crab that it shows them thats all they have to do to get rid of you.

I carried them in a bonding pouch yesterday for a long time. I tried to get them out this morning and one of them freaked out. Crabbing intensely and it looked like they were trying to bite me through the pouch. I gently hung them back in their cage and let them rest.

I'm sorry this has been so long. Im just confused as i can be. Bonding with Dexter just came so easily.
Posted By: LSardou

Re: Bra baby training? - 08/01/09 12:40 AM

With some gliders it just takes more time. The best thing to do is to not get stressed when your working with them. If they are crabby, work around it. I would give them at least 5 to 10 minutes of crabbing before putting them back for a break.

You can go ahead now to work up to bra training. Put them in your bra for about 10 minutes at a time for about 3 days. Gradually work the time into longer periods. I also would put a piece of fleece that has their smell inside your bra with them. Another method you can use (this might sound a bit odd), if you can tolerate their smell, turn your bra inside out and rub their cage with it to get a stronger smell on it for them.

Just like little children, they will try and resist or fuss initially. Once they are in, offer them a treat - a mealie, yogurt drop, piece of their favorite fruit, or try and put a little licky treat on the tip of your finger for them. Bribery works wonders with these little ones!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Bra baby training? - 08/01/09 04:11 PM

My little girl crabbed at me a bit when I first got her. I think it was just how scared she was, and her being alone didn't help. I would talk to her, and fuss over her, saying things like, "Mama's pretty baby" while I stroked the outside of her pouch and after about a week she came around. Every now and then she will still fuss at me in the mornings when she's not quite to sleep yet, but it's more of a "hey, I was falling asleep, what do YOU want?" kind of thing. When she fusses at me...I don't go away...I just don't go further with what I was doing until she stops. Does that make sense? I don't take my hand off the pouch, I just stop stroking for a few seconds. When she stops I go ahead and take it off the side of the cage.

The only time either of my pair is hard to get into the bonding pouch, is when they have to go potty. Skittles will NOT poop or pee in the pouch unless she's really, really upset and won't come out of the pouch from being scared. Oreo has learned that IF he poops or pees in the pouch, Skittles will give him an earful. So he doesn't like going in there either. A lot of times when I wake them up, if they aren't going into the bonding pouch readily, I let them jump around a little while, give a treat or two, and they will do their business and then crawl in.

For bra training I just got a cami and stuck them in there one afternoon. They stay as long as it's not wake-up for food time, then there's no way they stay. They were both bonding to me at that time, so I don't know how it would be different with your joey.
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Re: Bra baby training? - 08/01/09 04:33 PM

I started out with the bonding pouch first. I carried them around. To begin with, they crabbed at every noise or movement. I would turn the water on, and they would crab and they HATED the sound of zippers, lol. Now, I think a bomb could go off and they wouldnt even move.

I also have to let my girls go to the bathroom before they will get in the bonding pouch and I would have to bribe them with mealies once they got into the pouch so they would associate it with treats and good things.

Then, I started putting them in my bra or a cami with a built in bra and they treated it just like a bonding pouch. Now, when they are out playing and something startles them they run staight for my shirt and down it to the bra they go. So, I guess my boobs are their safe place, lol!
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Bra baby training? - 08/01/09 04:47 PM

Ok, this is what I did.

When I first got Gizmo he was so difficult and crabbed a lot. I started by putting a tiny peace of fleece in my bra for my scent to be on the fleece. Then I pouched Gizmo in a fleece bag for spectacles, with the little peace of fleece that were in my bra.

I placed the spectacle bag with Gizmo inside in my bra.

You will notice that in the beginning your glider will try to push out of this little spectacle bag, but what makes it so easy is that a spectacle bag has two strings you can quickly pull to close it.

When it's wake up time at night, you can just open the little spectacle bag and lure your glider out with a treat.

Your glider will soon realize that he climbes out of your shirt every time he wakes up.

This worked so well with Gizmo that after only 3 weeks of doing this he automatically dives into my bra in the morning when it's pouching time.

Another thing I did before I even started the bra training, was to play soft instrumental music in the room all day and night. Then when Gizmo was in his spectacle pouch in my bra everywhere I went I played the same music, in the car at friends, I mean EVERYWHERE I went!

He felt safe and secure and soon learned that the safest place for him was in my bra. The only problem I have is that he never wants to get out of my bra.

He even cuddles up with my bra when I take a bath and the bra is hanging there.
Posted By: Gizmogirl

Re: Bra baby training? - 08/01/09 04:57 PM

Here is a picture of Gizmo more than a year later. Even when he was neutered he dived into my bra with his collar on and that is where he stays.
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