taming a new full grown glider never handled

Posted By: johnp

taming a new full grown glider never handled - 03/18/11 01:28 PM

HELP PLEASE MY FINGERS CANT TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS! i recently purchased a glider full grown who seems to have never been handled i have tried everything yucky stuff sticking my thumb in his mouth and blowing on him nothing seems to work any suggestions? cry
Posted By: victoriarose1982

Re: taming a new full grown glider never handled - 03/18/11 01:37 PM

Start fresh. Leave the glider alone for a little bit to get use to you. Sleep with a tshirt for a few days and cover the cage then change the shirt every couple of days. The glider needs to get use to its surroundings, your smell, and your voice! Talk around the glider go talk on the phone in the glider room. It could take a few months before you can handle the glider, but in the long run it will be worth it.

I have done this process 3 times in the past 18 months. The hardest one to handle was a pregnant glider my hands were torn to pieces when I first got her. She is now the first one to the cage door to give me kisses. It took me 9 to 12 months to get her that way. It took me 3 months to handle her!

Slow is the key.
Posted By: Cora

Re: taming a new full grown glider never handled - 03/18/11 01:49 PM

I agree slow down, go at the gliders pace. Get a tent, I recommend a geji tent from amazon that pops up and down quickly, is roomy and well ventillated. Take her in it in the pouch and set the pouch down and read or something she may not even come out the first few times, but eventually she will. Take feather teasers, fingerpuppets, yoggies, mealworms in there. wear long sleeves and pants. Now ending tent time is a little trickier I teach them to go back in their pouch, nudgeing them in with a peice of fleece the first few times then the glider catches on. They are smart, fun, like things on a schedule and right now your glider thinks you are king kong and has no way what your intentions are so he/she is "fighting for its life".
Go slow, good luck and have fun. when you do acheive "the bond" it will all be so worth it!
Posted By: DCMuffin

Re: taming a new full grown glider never handled - 03/18/11 02:05 PM

Please let me add that you should NOT stick your finger in your gliders mouth to reprimand them for biting. This won't help and in fact, will only hinder your progress in bonding. This guy needs your patience and understanding - give it time - it may take LOTS of time. But in the end, the results will be worth it.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: taming a new full grown glider never handled - 03/18/11 02:20 PM

I agree with Aimee on the sticking the finger in the mouth. I will tell you first hand that THIS does NOT work. I got my first glider from PPP and before I found this site I had followed all of there bad info and was sticking my thumb in my gliders mouth every time she bit me and it eventually did make her stop biting me but she was just terrified of my hands so she did not trust me at all. I ended up having to start ALL over with her and it took months of work for her to trust my hands.

Now I have had her since October and I still can't get her to sit in my hands and cuddle but she will let me pet her so we are still working on the whole trust issue since I hindered it so bad in the beginning. She does not bite anymore and she is very loving towards me. I just hope one day she will let me hold her and trust my hands again like my other girl does.

So please just take your time, take a step back, and go at your gliders pace. It will definitely be worth the wait in the end!! Good luck!!
Posted By: johnp

Re: taming a new full grown glider never handled - 03/21/11 02:51 PM

i want to thank you all for your help, i read a report that put things altogether for me. it was ez for me when i got my first babies(harley&lasey)to they were babies i was able to bond with them right away, thanks to the owner,any way,after i read that post on bondinng i look at him in a diffrent light, he didnt know me as some one who wanted to love him, the other owners never handled i put one of mmy shirts in his cage,so he could get used to me,and every morning i go to the cage and tell him good mornin and that things are ok,i am now able to put my hand in the cage and he will come and get it with out biteing me, i told my self i will let him come to me. he has to turst me. and in his way he is. once again ty all
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: taming a new full grown glider never handled - 03/22/11 04:23 AM

That is such good news John! He'll make little steps each day that will be so rewarding for you!
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