Bonding With Aggressive Gliders

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Bonding With Aggressive Gliders - 05/19/11 11:33 PM

I'm pretty new to owning my two little glider babies and we've been having some challenges and I'm not sure where to go from here. My boys were shipped to us a few weeks ago, we let them settle in for a few days and then began bonding with them through the bonding pouch. The person that sold them to us says there were hand raised and very friendly but I have yet to see that. Actually, one of them is very aggressive toward me and my husband. If we try to give him any treats with our hands he skips the food and darts straight for our hands. He's drawn blood on me 3 or 4 times. We try not to pull away but when I'm bleeding - something seems wrong. They don't seem to want anything to do with us. Our other glider is very quiet and is less aggressive but the other one will try to keep us away from him too. We have done the treat tricks, yogurt tricks, keeping them on us at least 3-5 hours a day in the pouch, they sleep with our shirts. Is this normal? Any advice on helping them bond?
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Re: Bonding With Aggressive Gliders - 05/20/11 12:10 AM

There are several things going on here. One, they are scared. They have been taken from the environment and the people they know and put into an unknown situation where they don't know if they are going to end up someone's dinner tonight.

They have to have a chance to learn to trust you. This can take a few days to even months to achieve.

THIS THREAD will help you see things from your gliders perspective.

I NEVER take the bite. I refuse to let any animal chew on me. But that doesn't mean that I will do something to hurt the glider to get them to stop either. (there's some horrid advice on the internet about putting your thumb in their mouth, PLEASE ignore that advice!) It means that I respect that they have teeth and those teeth are their only real defense against what they see as a dangerous threat. Respect their teeth. Don't put yourself in the position to be bitten.

Patience and time (and bribery) will win out. But remember, you have to take things at THEIR pace, not your's. They have to learn you aren't going to turn them into a midnight snack.
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Re: Bonding With Aggressive Gliders - 05/20/11 01:16 PM

I'm a new owner myself - Hugs to you...this will work out! hug2

Definitely go back and read everything you can from these wonderful experts here! And stock up on the treats smile Your guys just need some more time to get used to their new home. Don't give up on them!
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Re: Bonding With Aggressive Gliders - 05/27/11 01:46 AM

I've had the same exact experience. I couldn't even get them into a bonding pouch to carry them around with me without getting all bit up. But it's's takes time. It's been 3 and a half LONG months and they have made soooo much progress. What I did was I got a chair and sat in front of the cage at night with yoggies in my hand and just sat there and sat there. I put my hand in the cage and kept very still. It took a long time but eventually they would get curious and come to my hand and take the yoggies. Then I moved the yoggies further up my hand so they had to step onto my fingers to reach the yoggies. Then further and further until they had to stand on my hand to get the yoggie (or mealie). This literally took a month. My shoulders ached from doing this every night. After about a month, one of them started to jump right on my hand as soon as I put it in the cage because he knew I was not putting it in there to hurt him and that he was going to get treats. Then I worked on SLOWLY moving my arm out of the cage. It took another month for him not to jump off. Then the female started to jump on my arm. Now they will both readily get on my hand and they WANT me to take them out. This is after TWO MONTHS of sitting by the cage, talking very quietly and singing and giving treats and being very still.

The next phase started two weeks after I went to a glider social meeting called SSS which you absolutely have to come to next year (watch this board for announcements) held by moderator Sari. Anyway I met the most fantabulous people with the greatest advice. I had just ordered the Genji tent and I've had it 4 days. These people helped me with the bonding pouch problems I was having, which you're not having, so good...keep carrying them around. You absolutely have to have this tent. My gliders and I have made leaps and bounds since Monday with this tent! So you go in the tent with the pouch, let them crawl out on their own and explore. Have lots of toys and treats and let them go at their pace. Mine went crazy having fun but remember they already knew me very well. In a matter of days I am able to hold and cuddle the male and the female is letting me pet her much more. For the first time I am actually touching my own gliders, feeling their soft fur, and enjoying them! It's AWESOME! I am so in love with these fuzzbutts, it's not even funny. So I highly recommend you get the tent and sit in there with them - quietly, at their pace, and let them come out and explore you. It's nonthreatening and the whole process of bonding will go so much faster!

Keep asking questions. The people here on GC are the best! I've learned a lot and my next experience buying gliders will be different because I've learned so much about what to look for in a breeder and in the purchasing process. Send me a PM and keep me informed on your progress! :-)
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Re: Bonding With Aggressive Gliders - 05/27/11 02:18 AM

It is good to read this! I am going threw the same things.
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Re: Bonding With Aggressive Gliders - 06/06/11 04:02 AM

UPDATE: We got ourselves a nice little tent and finally set it up in the living room (LOL) and finally got Gizmo out and about inside the tent playing around on me. He still is skittish but a million times more bonded than just 2 weeks ago! Booger is still not coming around so we're working with them separately. We're hoping our smells on one glider will help with the other one too! He's not as crabby but still very nippy, patience patience patience smile thanks for all the help! Hopefully he'll feel safer soon!!!!
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