Suggies W. Previous Owners.

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Suggies W. Previous Owners. - 09/10/09 07:58 PM

I'm getting my two SGs next Wednesday and I'm just nervous on how my bonding will go. Both are just about a year old [boy and girl] and they've only had one owner the entire time. I know the transfer will be difficult for them, but I'm just needing some advice beforehand so I know what to expect or know what to do when the bonding starts. Anyone else deal with older SGs and bonding? How long did it take and what did you do to make it successful?
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Re: Suggies W. Previous Owners. - 09/10/09 08:05 PM

When I got Sugar and Spice they were both older. They were my first suggies as well. At first, they hated me, lol. It took about a total of 6 months for me to fully and completely gain their trust, but now they're both total dolls! heart

Also, I ended up getting 2 joeys from a nearby breeder and intro-ing them with Sugar and Spice. That made a HUUUUGGGEEEE difference! The joeys trusted me from day one so when Sugar and Spice saw how much they trusted me then seemed to naturally start trusting me too. I guess it's because of gliders being colony animals and they trust what their colony-mates trust. I'm not sure, I just know that it worked, lol.

I didn't get the joeys right away though(I don't want you running off and buying 2 MORE gliders, lol), I waited a few months and after Sugar and Spice still didn't trust me after all that time, that's when I decided to get the 2 joeys.
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Re: Suggies W. Previous Owners. - 09/10/09 08:15 PM

My first pair are going on 4yrs old this year and they were 3yrs old when I got them and I was also their 3rd home. Luckily, it took no time at all for them to settle in. Actually, within a couple hours, they were eating out of my fingers and wanting to come out and play with me. It was literally like a match made in heaven. ^-^ I still gave them their space because I was nervous about doing something wrong to ruin my chances of bonding plus, I didn't want to stress them out. Once I started working with them though, it took not even a week for Yang to bond to me but months for Yin to bond to me. I was just lucky to get such a laid back guy who accepted me right away and since his wife saw that I wasn't hurting him, started to come around too. smile But, I've always been her comfort zone. Since day 1, she ran to me for comfort when she was spooked.

Now, these 3 girls I just adopted from a good friend of mine on here 2 weeks ago took a while to come around. Razzle is I think she said 3 whereas the twins (Tictac and Kitkat) are only 2. I think Hollis was Razzle's 2nd home so I'm the 3rd and I'm not sure about the twins. I must be their 3rd too...her only sug she got from a breeder is Toby. Hmm... dunno Anyway...

Since I had no problems with Yin and Yang, I didn't worry too much about the trio getting scared or stressed so I didn't let them have their space. Razzle accepted me right away and will come to me in the cage if I chatter to her but she's the brave one. Tictac is still unsure but will come investigate if it suits her. And it took me a week before I saw Kitkat. =/ She hid for a whole week. Now, I see her the most. I've been hesitant to get them out because I know Razzle will be fine since she already came out by herself but I know the twins will be nervous and I don't want to stress them out. I think I might try tent time with them tomorrow though. :S I just have a feeling it'll take months for them to bond to me.

But, every rehomed sug is different which I'm finding out. roflmao What worked for Yin and Yang isn't working for the trio. frown Good luck and grats early!! laugh
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Re: Suggies W. Previous Owners. - 09/10/09 08:17 PM

Wow! 6 months?? I figured it would take some time though. I just hope that I do it right. lol. Would the fact that I have 3 inside/outside dogs make it harder to bond? [meaning they go in and out as they please]. I figured they may be doubly scared of new humans and new furry friends.
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Re: Suggies W. Previous Owners. - 09/10/09 08:22 PM

Wear fleece squares while you're waiting so you can put them in their little pouches.
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Re: Suggies W. Previous Owners. - 09/10/09 08:33 PM

Ahhhh I see. All I can do is give it my best shot and wear the fleece before they get here. I predict a full month, but knowing my hard headed animals..haha, probably never. :]Nah, they aren't THAT bad. Gotta love 'em though!
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Re: Suggies W. Previous Owners. - 09/11/09 08:14 AM

i recommend talking to bourbon... she has some AMAZING trust and bonding techniques!!!

..and if you're using closed pouches, i can tell you firsthand the difference using one of bourbon's open faced pouches makes! dunno if you've already bought pouches or not, but it's something you should talk to bourbon about...

i've had my quad for about a month now. 2 to 3 of them didn't want to come out of the cage to me the 2nd night. 1 has and forever will be my cuddleslut. 2 have taken only a few weeks to go from running to the corners of the cage to actively jumping from the cage onto me to my playtime shirt when i come home to feed them!!! (tonight was SO AWESOME!!)

after the first week, i was able to clip everyone's nails fairly hassle free.

...and the gnarliest one of them all!?? the one that would bite if i even came close to the pouch and her... she'll let me pick her up off my shirt and put her in the cage now if she's not riled. she'll still nip, but it's more of an unsure warning... she's changing by leaps and bounds.


all thanks to bourbon.

lol... didn't mean to turn that into paragraphs of bourbon praise, but the topic moved me to express the joy the gliders i rescued have brought to me.

.... i guess i read the bit about tent time. i have yet to try tent time, but i can walk around my apartment with all 4 of my gliders (jack and diane, and ren and stimpy) and as long as i pay attention to them i don't have to worry about them going astray. who needs a tent, i ask? laugh

don't worry about bonding. relax. let them show you what they are ok with. learn their personalities. always reward positive behaviour, and something bourbon showed me was a kind of chittering hiss (apparently it's something the parents do with the joeys to tell them they are doing something bad) works really well for stopping them from doing something you don't want them to... like nipping/biting mostly.

i've had my babies (i say babies, but there's a mix of a unknown age, probably 4 or 5 years old, to one that was born from a pair in the group; i have a rescue'd quad) for about a month now, and what i think of every day is... what's next? but, it's not that i don't know what to do next... it's that they continually amaze me with how smart they are, and how much i can tell they want to trust me even though they don't behave that way all the time.

i guess after reading the full thread here again, it popped into my head that i wanted to express that for me, it's been so enjoyable just to take the relationship as it was for what it was... then all the improvements and progress just seems so much more amazing to me!
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