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friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 10:48 AM

i just met a friend today and i showed her my glider.. she has seen another glider before and she said mine is not so friendly cuz she crabs at strangers and usually during the day time.. she also said that the other glider she saw would allow a stranger to pet her and hold her.. mine wouldnt' though.. is it her behaviour or can it change as she grow older? or is there anyway that i can make her more friendly with people? and also.. my glider do not like to stay on me at all.. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />.. i thought that they like to stay with their owners usually.. at night when i take her out.. she jumps away as soon as i get near the bed or whatever landing place she can see.. the first time i bring her out of my room she just jumps off me even though she is not familiar with the place.. is there any way to make her like to stay on me or something?
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 11:04 AM

Your glider obviously is bonded to you. (Hey, maybe she's protecting you!) Seriously, gliders,like people, have different personalities. I would think the normal thing would be to be wary of strangers (i.e., new smells). And as far as your glider staying with you constantly - mine are curious and run off to explore then eventually return to make sure I'm there then they're off again. Only my bird will just sit on my shoulder. I'm sure you'll hear more reassurance as others respond.
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 11:05 AM

[:"green"]It sounds like she just needs to learn to trust you better and that takes time and a lot of patience. It's really a matter of bonding rather than behavior (so I'll move this post accordingly). Also, the reason that she won't be cuddly with you when you take her out is because she is wide awake at night. If you want some cuddle-time with her, then take her out during the late afternoon when she is still sleepy. You'll find she's much calmer to handle when she isn't wide awake.
In order to help her trust people more, once you have gotten her to trust you, you can start to introduce other people to her gradually. In time, she will probably get to the point where strangers don't really bother her a whole lot (although some gliders never do get to that point).
Here are some links you can read about bonding & trust:
Bourbon’s Trust & Bonding Info.
Into the Bonding Pit
Critter Kisses’ Bonding Info.
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 11:23 AM

Good point - when mine are sleepy, they're very cuddly. When they're awake, they bounce around.
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 01:17 PM

I have some gliders who won't tolerate anyone but me. Other's will visit with anyone but will still return to me when they feel threatened or if they are just ready to go back to sleep. And some only tolerate me when I have goodies for them (still a work in progress with them).

How "friendly" a glider is with strangers is not an indication of how bonded they are with you. It is natural for them to distrust the unknown or unfamiliar. This is a survival instinct.

Night time is PLAY time! Most gliders will want to run and jump and explore during play time, not sit with their humans. Even my most bonded gliders do this. This is why having a glider safe area to play is so important. Most will not stay on their human when they want to play so we have to make sure they are protected when not on us too.
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 01:32 PM

Dancing said it very well….

Just hang in there… and love your little one…

My three are all different and have changed over time… Surge when I got him.. would not tolerate even me.. he was a lunger and biter… that has all changed… Mango has always gone to anyone… and Sage, well she only like me…..
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 02:07 PM

I have 3 gliders that anyone can touch, in fact I have brought them to 2 of my girls for reports they wanted to do on them. YOu should have seen the kids, they had never seen anything like them. I have taken them to the video store, Petsmart with me, all over, except walmart, my hubby says no.

Then I have 2 ironically from breeders, as the top 3 I mentioned were from pet stores. Those 2 won't let anyone but family touch them. That is just their personality and I have grown to except that.

Each glider is different. However I have found with breeding that if the parents have a mean streak, chances are the gliders will to, it passes on for some reason, although others might disagree with me, this is something that I find as fact. You have good disposition in the parents, then generally you have good disposition in gliders.

How old is this glider. She sounds like she has bonded with you, but is protective of you, and leary of strangers. My hubby won't be caught dead in a bonding pouch, but does play with them, and they seem to like him just as much, (with the exception of my other 2).

Just give it some time. These animals are like children, each with their own personality, which I find is very cute. 1 male I have here is a complete and udder show off. He spreads his membranes til you tell him how beautiful he is. He uses my bonding pouch on the top of the cage pulls the strapping through and uess it as a swing when people walk by. He was bred from us and I just didn't have the heart to part with him.

Give it time. She may be more willing to be petted by strangers if you give it time, then again she may always be protective of you. Only time will tell.
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 05:14 PM

she is bout 6 mths old.. well i think she generally like me though =P and i love her! i was curious bout their behaviour.. mine would explore me a little if i lie on my bed and do my own things.. she would occasionally run up my hand and try to pry off the book i'm reading.. try to sniff her nose off my book.. and chew it a little too.. but i would shake her and she would stop biting.. she's just sooo cute!! the only other person she would play with is my boyfriend..she's seen him the day she is brought back to my house.. i'm actually quite afraid to bring her out with me around my house when she's wide awake at night.. i'm afraid that in case she jumps on other people she might startle them and with her nails.. i don't want to imagine people screaming and frightening my little one.. maybe when she's more bonded to me only i'll do that..
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/09/06 05:22 PM

</font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr />
My hubby won't be caught dead in a bonding pouch,

<hr /></blockquote><font class="post">

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" /> Just how BIG are your bonding pouches??!!!!!! Sorry, that just struck me as funny. Cute mental image! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/10/06 06:51 PM

I have a particular glider that hates everyone except me and me part of the time. She was a rescue so we don't know her history. Then another boy Chunky monkey loves everybody, he too was a rescue so I feel every glider is different. Darwin was another rescue, No human contact except food for over a year and he was a pit bull biter and mean now anyone can touch him. I don't think a glider being wary of strangers has to do with how bonded they are to you IMO. I am by no means an expert just someone with alot of gliders. all rescues. So I hope this helps some.
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Re: friendly v unfriendly - 06/10/06 08:36 PM

I personally think it's a combination of "nature" and "nurture." They do each have their own personalities, and I believe it does help if they have positive interaction with several people.

I got Keiko at a trade show (worst place, I know; I didn't know better!). She is my most social glider. Anyone can hold her, and she'll even hang out in a few bras besides my own (well, my Mom's, and for a short time, a few close friends [until she realizes where she is]). Maybe it's in part because she was exposed to so many people who fawned over her, even if only for a brief time, while she was traveling the circuit.

Then I got Hiroshi from a lady who I know loved on him (and all her gliders). He is my shy baby. Others can pet him, but only if he's with me, or in his pouch. He's not comfortable even if I hold him, but loves to hang out in my bra.

Then baby Tomoki came along. He was handled from the day he came OOP, and by several people as well. He honestly is like a blend in personalities between Keiko and Hiroshi. He's super friendly and licks everyone who tries to pet him. He'll let almost anyone hold him, but only for a short time, and then he wants back in my bra.

I don't know for sure, but I do know the fathers play an important role in raising the joeys. My guess is that Hiroshi passed on some words of caution to Tomoki, maybe from his personality (not personal experience).
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