Sore fingers and frustraion but I wont give up....

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Sore fingers and frustraion but I wont give up.... - 01/22/11 09:02 PM

I know its only been a week but I am getting such rejection from my babies.
They have the hanging tent style thing in thier cage and I put thier pouch inside it. Since I have been putting the pieces of flannel in it , they are tending to sleep under it instead of in it making it really hard to get them back into the bonding pouch.
2. They do really well one day in the bonding pouch and even let me pet them through the mesh window and take treats from my hand. The next day they are crabby and one even went past the treat and sunk his teeth into me and wouldnt let go till I blew (softly ) into his face. He drew blood.
3. Tent time has been a flop. We have tried twice for 30 minutes and they will come towards me for a treat but then lunge for my hand.
4. I had the tent set up in my room but I figured maybe the smell of the ferrets was causeing my sugar bears to be afraid so I moved it into the spare room where only one quiet old cat lives.
I have been washing my hands and changing clothes after handeling my ferrets and doing everything I have read on here to get them to trust me.
5. THe smaller one seems to be quieter and want to form a bond but the other one is dowqn right vicious.
I wont give up but sure could use some help.
Keep in mind that one got out and was chased by the cats the first night here so I can understand why its so nasty. I also read the article on here and I understand they are afraid.
Am I moving too fast with trying the tent and all at once????
An added note they are eating very well now and I made them a kitchen and they love it!
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Re: Sore fingers and frustraion but I wont give up.... - 01/22/11 10:44 PM

I would make a few changes.

#1. Don't have them housed in any room there is always another type of animal. This is my personal opinion, however I feel that if a room always has a certain animal, that room will really smell like that animal, and may bother the gliders. Gliders have an extremely keep sense of smell, hence why they're so scent driven.

#2. Take a BIG step back. With the gliders I've taken into my home, I've gone at THEIR pace. If they were friendly right off the back and showed zero signs of fear, we moved at a faster pace than those that were obviously petrified of their new living situations. For instance:
Ohana and Daisy were petrified beyond belief of their new living situations, and so I started with putting a night shirt I'd worn a few nights in a row on top of their cage. I would also read out loud to them, either a textbook from school or one of my lame thriller novels. roflmao

After about a week they were willing to come up to me while in their cage, and so then I started with licky treats, then solid treats from between my fingers.

We actually had our first tent time about a month after I got them because they were just THAT fearful, and I didn't want to push things with them.

Now I have my newest addition, my sixth glider, Charlie, and he is just so gosh darned adorable it's freaky. He hasn't crabbed once in the 36 hours he has been in my home. He isn't skittish much if at all, he's uber friendly, etc. I've made more progress with him in 36 hours than I have any other glider in a week. As a matter of fact, we're having our first bathroom time today.

So you really need to go at THEIR pace. If things seem to be going BACKWARDS rather than positively progressing, it's because for THEM, you're moving/pushing them too much too fast.

I know they're so cute and you just want to touch and interact with them, but the more you push it, the more damage you do and it will take FOREVER getting them to trust you that way.

So my suggestion for you is to take a step back. Start over (I know, totally frustrating). Start today like it's their first day at your house. House them in a room other animals hardly if ever go to. Put a night shirt or work shirt you've worn for a long day (or couple days) on top of the cage. Read and talk to them. Etc.

Good luck.
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Re: Sore fingers and frustraion but I wont give up.... - 01/22/11 10:50 PM

Just keep being patient with them and taking things at their pace. Find what they like the most and use it as bribery, lol. I have had my boys for 3 months now and they still dont like being held but they have come a long way. Just dont give up. You will get tons of great advice from alot of really knowledgeable people here.
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Re: Sore fingers and frustraion but I wont give up.... - 01/22/11 10:56 PM

I'm so sorry you are having trouble. The up and down reactions you are getting from them sounds to me like they are really uneasy (less to do with you, more to do with changes in their environment).

The different reactions that you are getting towards your hand alone makes me wonder if they are still sensing a stronger smell on your hands one day versus another. I have never had ferrets, so correct me if I am wrong, but ferret scents are oil based right? If so, that means that they would be a little more difficult to actually wash off. Have you noticed if the amount of time between handling your ferrets and handling your gliders has made a difference?

I know some gliders don't pay much attention to other pet smells, but since they are new in your home and all of these scents are new (including yours) I imagine they are still trying to figure out which is friend and which is foe.

My gliders came into my house with a cat that I had already had for years. When I got a new kitten, they all flipped out (one cage in particular) at the new cat smell.

If you are having difficulty getting your gliders out of their sleeping area, using a simple pouch that you can basically push them out from the bottom may be what you want to use for a while.

Honestly, for right now, I would probably forgo tent time until they get a chance to get more used to you. You can sit by their cage and put your hands in for them to check out. Because they are biting your fingers, you may want to stop giving them treats from you hands. The less interest they have in your fingers (for any reason, animal or food smells) the better chance that they will not bite as hard or as often.

All gliders are different, so bonding with each of them is a learning experience for all of us. hug2
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Re: Sore fingers and frustraion but I wont give up.... - 01/23/11 03:58 AM

I would slow down with them. Their environment has changed a couple of different times and I would say yes, they are reacting to you going too fast. So take a deep breath and just start over. Spend at least two days just watching them and what they do. What their routines are, what toys are their favorites, etc. Then you can start trying to earn their trust again. It gets better, and my offer of phone help still stands. It's 817-721-4781 smile
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Re: Sore fingers and frustraion but I wont give up.... - 01/23/11 02:45 PM

I don't think tent time is a bad idea. The enclosed area will help them get used to your smell. I would suggest just sitting there until they come to you. Put a treat on the floor close to you, but not on your hand. Don't make any sudden moves. Let them climb on you for a while. When you reach towards them with your hand they see that as a sign of aggression and bite because they are scared.

After a few tent times like that try holding a treat in your hand, but just keep your hand still and wait until they come to you.

As people mentioned already, every glider is different based on their personality and how they were socialized before you got them. Just think how you'd react after a week of moving in with a bunch of strangers! Especially a cat who's out to get them. Keep the cat far away!
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Re: Sore fingers and frustraion but I wont give up.... - 01/23/11 03:17 PM

I have had Mindy for 7 weeks now. The first month she would bite me until I bled! Its very slow. Now over the last week I can actually hold her in my hand and last night she fell asleep! But,she only lets me hold her if my hand is in her pouch. I have read so many post on here and incorporate new things into what I try. I have learned to take baby steps with her. Good Luck!
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