Responding to their names . . .

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Responding to their names . . . - 10/07/08 02:53 AM

I'll be picking my new baby girls up in a couple weeks and had a question for all of you. Do your babies seem to know & respond to their names - especially curious for the ones that have 6 or more gliders. If so - about how long did it take for them to learn their name? I'm just wondering if their names will be more for my benefit or if they'll eventually respond to them (like looking at me when I say their name, maybe even jumping to me in the future when I call them, etc). This is a topic that I just hadn't seen addressed on the forums.
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Re: Responding to their names . . . - 10/07/08 02:59 AM

I know it has been brought up several times here.

I have many gliders here right now. Of those, 5 unquestionably know their names. The rest just know momma's voice.
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Re: Responding to their names . . . - 10/07/08 08:36 AM

I've had 4 at one time and 1 knows his name.
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Re: Responding to their names . . . - 10/07/08 05:07 PM

Out of the 22 under my roof right now...there are only 4 that DON'T respond to their names being called: Monty knows his name and chooses NOT to respond tant , Squirt has an attitude going on 24/7, Rikki is still too new to my house (therefore is forgiven), and Morticia is only 5 weeks OOP so I classify her as being "too young" to understand how to respond.

Willy & Lilly, no sweat! Amos & Mischa, thumbs up! Hunter, Bear and MooShoo respond even when I call them the WRONG names roflmao (Sachi's the easy one to distinguish in that cage) Minka and MoJo have theirs down PAT (Max is working on it, but improving); and my 4 houseguests have grown accustomed to my voice and USUALLY respond. (Cy and Serenity like to give me a HEART ATTACK by ignoring me and hiding...but we have ways to make them behave, bwahahaha)
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Re: Responding to their names . . . - 10/07/08 05:17 PM

LOL - Monster & Zoe DEFINATLY know their names, its just whether they CHOOSE to respond to me or not. They are like cats that way! roflmao

I actually think Sekwaf is learning his name already, he is a bright lil boy - he has already stopped crabbing at me, which is HUGE for the short amount of time he has been with me.

Isis is a Princess - she knows her name, I have NO doubt about that, but she will NEVER EVER come to me - she would rather fall over and die than let a dirty human think they are worthy of that kind of honor! roflmao

My boys are at a disadvantage because I never really call them by their names, it's always "Mama's good boy" or "My boy" or "Buddy" - Because of that, they probably don't know their names, but they are the first ones at the cage door to great me every day. They have my heart - don't tell them I told you, but I've always thought boys were the sweetest! mlove
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