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Insects? - 06/01/06 05:50 AM

How do you feed your mealies, crickets, etc... Ive decided that i am not going to feed them by hand anymore. My gliders constantly miss and sink there teeth into my finger tips which draws blood most of the time. Just curious how others feed insects.
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Re: Insects? - 06/01/06 11:17 AM

[:"green"]For feeding live crickets, I bought a wide-mouthed vase and a deep bowl. I put a napkin in the bowl and then set the vase into it. The crickets can't jump out of the vase because of the curved sides but the gliders dive in & get the crickets, then sit inside or on the rim to eat them. The deep bowl keeps the vase from tipping over from their weight. Here's a picture of my set-up for feeding crickets.
For feeding mealies, I have to admit that I cheat. I freeze them first, then I can just put them into a bowl and not worry about escapees.

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Re: Insects? - 06/01/06 12:57 PM

We use tweezers for feeding the mealies, this way controlling how many each glider is eating, sometimes in a pinch I will place a couple in a small condiment bowl, easy access for them, and they don't last long enough for escapees here...
The tweezers, to me, are the key to successsful insect feeding with NO teeth marks, lol!
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Re: Insects? - 06/01/06 04:00 PM

Suz i love that picture! way too cute <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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Re: Insects? - 06/01/06 04:05 PM

mealies are hand fed and put in their food dish - depends how I feel that night - crickets are done in a tub hunt!
This is done by using a bath tub or in our case now a big plastic tub the crickets can not get out of and we just let the gliders "hunt" for the crickets - we do this about once a month or so. I like the bowl idea in the picture cute!
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Re: Insects? - 06/01/06 05:03 PM

I don't feed crickets anymore (worried about aflatoxins) but when I did, I froze them first. My gliders loved their cricketsickles.

Suz.. That pic is just priceless!
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Re: Insects? - 06/01/06 06:16 PM

I don't feed crickets anymore either, but I would put them in the bottom of the bathtub and they would have a grand ole cricket massacree. Cricket thighs are easily rinsed down the drain for this. It is also handy for other bugs, so your gliders can dive in and go for a hunt.

Most times, I just feed them through the cage, or toss them into the pouch. I agree with you, though, my gliders have gotten a little to 'finger happy'.

Zeebo is still good about it, because he isn't in a situation where his food gets stolen from him, and he doens't think he has to snatch. The pair though, if it wiggles, or might wiggle watch out!
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