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first mealie - 08/08/06 05:28 PM

My baby had a meal worm for the first time last night. It took her a while to find how to eat it but she loves it! How often should i give her the worms? I dont want to over feed her. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" />
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Re: first mealie - 08/08/06 05:33 PM

I have a pair of gliders. My female being 2 absolutely loves Superworms, as she has had more experience I guess. And my little boy who is 12 weeks, well Im afraid to say its not the same case haha. I dropped a superworm into the pouch and he dashed out of their and into his cage like no tomorrow. It was the funniest thing, but now I think he's gotten used to them. I think I have to approve him with the worms a little slower. Anyways I usually buy a dozen to 2 dozens a day for the two of them and just give them how ever many they want until they stop eating them and walk away. Then whatevers left I put in a Glider Kitchen in their cage for them to eat through out the rest of the day and night, until we go get more then next day. Hope that helps you.
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Re: first mealie - 08/08/06 05:34 PM

thx. It help much.
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Re: first mealie - 08/08/06 05:36 PM

No problem :-)
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Re: first mealie - 08/11/06 12:05 AM

The number of mealworms you feed is based on the diet you feed. I feed the Suncoast diet and they don't get mealworms every day. Well, the could have them each nite for their protein, but we don't want them getting bored with them, so we do switch out the protein by using mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers, chicken, chicken baby foods, eggs, yogurt, etc. Anyway, when it is mealworm nite, we put in 15 mealworms per glider. That number also depends on the size of the worm too. If they're small, we'll do less, if they are large, we'll do a few more. As treats, we just give them a couple of them <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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Re: first mealie - 08/11/06 10:19 AM

Lorie's right, each diet calls for different insect amounts; the BML feeding for mealworms/Supers is:

Superworms: 1 per morning
Large (Jumbo): 2 to 3 per morning
Large to Medium: 3 to 4 per morining
Small: 5 to 7 per morning

And also with the BML plan, the mealworms are fed to clean their teeth, not for nutritional value.
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