mealworm breeding question

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mealworm breeding question - 08/16/06 03:59 AM

Okay I breed my own mealworms. Really easy to do to. Also make a nice conversation peice when someone goes in your master bath and walks out wondering why you have bugs in your bathroom <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/multi.gif" alt="" />

Okay so I have done it, but not that long. However does anyone have any idea how many eggs in a day that a female bettle will lay, as they only live for aprox 2 weeks, and I am curious to know.
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Re: mealworm breeding question - 08/16/06 04:15 AM

I don't know about how many a day, but I do know that each female can lay up to 275 eggs!
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Re: mealworm breeding question - 08/16/06 05:28 AM

We have a mealworm farm going too. Many of our beetles have lived for a month and a half already and are still laying eggs. We just discovered a new batch of tiny new baby mealworms, heehee. Hubby must be doing something right. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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Re: mealworm breeding question - 08/16/06 10:30 AM

Yeah, I have beetles that live longer than 2 weeks also, so the 275 egg count, which is listed in a whole bunch of information found on the net, may be a general figure, just as the 2 weeks is a general time frame. I'm sure in an optimal environment, they can lay more and we already know they live longer....That's a lot of mealie babies!!
Woo Hoo!! Serina!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/multi.gif" alt="" />

Hey Party and Pix, I haven't isolated a female and male beetle to count the mealie babies... hmmmm, sounds like an interesting experiment for us, then we can get an average! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />
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Re: mealworm breeding question - 08/16/06 02:38 PM

Yes I would like to know that myself. My beetles are lasting more then 2 weeks, but I read that there average lifespan is approx 2 weeks for a beetle, but when all you see is black in the bin, its like wow.

I guess that a little engine searching is in order. I would like to know how many eggs a female beetle lays in a day, and on average total. I see that we talk about mealies, but I haven't seen this being brought up yet, so I thought that it was good to ask.
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Re: mealworm breeding question - 08/16/06 02:44 PM

Okay I found this out. I guess they lay about 500 eggs in their lifetime for one female. So I am bad at math, so on average how many eggs would a female lay approx in 1 day. They also say here that the female is bigger than the male. I always wondered that myself, as I am breeding mealies for the second time. But man the first time, I had more mealies then I knew what to do with. They lasted me over a month (for feeding), and all my suggies ate them up. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/yelclap.gif" alt="" />
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Re: mealworm breeding question - 08/16/06 04:39 PM

Yep! I have to freeze them from time to time when my suggies don't finish a complete generation of them and I have more feeders coming out of another farm. I even give them away to a friend nearby with suggies!!! I just Cannot get rid of them all!! Heck, I even split up some of my farms to make a new complete five genration farm for the SGGA raffle, and I have mealworms out the ying-yang!!

Okay Serina, I am challenging myself; this is what I am going to do;

First, I'll get two fresh beetles from the pupae container, one female and one male. And yep, the males will be a little smaller than the females. The only way I can be sure is to observe their behavior, I can't tell who is who until then, maybe I'm guess working here!!! But anyways, I'm going to attempt to do this experiment. I will set up several small containers. All proper dates and info. Then, when they die, (that sounds terrible!!) I'll note how long they lived.... (my daughter will probably want to have a funeral ceremony!) and I'll then watch that container for the melaworm production output. I'll set it up this afternoon when I go through the farms.

So Serina.... my question to you is.... do you feel up to the challenge?? You start the same experiment. That way we can compare different environments??? (Or anyone else... .... hello???, I said anyone!!!!)

Another observation of mine: I will say that I found they will eat the pupa far faster than they will eat the larva, but they will eat both. Cannibals.
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Re: mealworm breeding question - 08/16/06 06:42 PM

I have my mealies in beetle stage right now. So I will have to wait until I have pupas. To me however I think that the 2 week beetle lifetime I found online is much broader than that, unless I have super beetles. LOL

I get scared of leaving the beetles in the container to long to see how long they will live. I am concerned about them eating the eggs, as I have only bred them once, as this is my second time.

My hubby goes in our bathroom and just shakes his head now. He wonders why I don't just buy them. However I have to retort back and say that I do it out of love, and so that I know where my bugs are coming from. He still thinks I'm nuts for having bugs, and yes my kids all cry to.

You should have seen them one night when I made a suggie omelette. Well I can't make an omelette, but it turned scrambled. Those little bugs swell like ballparks. The kids were all thinking mom went mad, and I didn't want to nuke them in the microwave cause if they exploded Ah I didn't want to clean up the nice little mess. My gliders ate a little of the eggs, and the mealies, and left around most of the eggs, like they were picking out which part they wanted to eat. My kids were crying and having a funeral for the bugs, while mom is trying to hold veterinarians responcible for our pets. I had to tell them that they still squirm a little when they get ate, and they died rather quickly. My hubby thought that that was cool however, as the kids ran to him telling on mom.

The things we do for our pets. I never thought in a million years that I would be happy that I created bugs for any pet.
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