Alternative mealworm bedding

Posted By: Guerita135

Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/07/09 10:29 PM

Due to the fact that aflatoxins are in most grains(the USDA requirement is 20ppm, which although it doesn't seem like alot, it can be deadly to gliders), I've been looking into alternative bedding sources.

For my superworms I use coconut bark chips, so I started there and found a couple bedding options that I think it would be a good idea for us to look into. smile

I've been searching around and, according to my research, the following substrates are all made to resist mold and to be able to handle high-humidity, so they would be good bedding options for mealies:

Coconut Bark-

Cypress Bedding-


Jungle Bedding(has a special calcium added to it, which could be good for mealies)-

I wrote the company to find out exactly what is in the Sani-Chips and Jungle Bedding, to make sure there's nothing that could be harmful to gliders. I'll let you guys know what they say. wink

Anyways...if you have another good alternative bedding source or see something that could possibly be hazardous in the ones I listed, let me know!
Posted By: ssdreamsicles

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/07/09 11:32 PM

Im not sure about the others but i think if the sani chips are the same thing im thinking about i have used them in reptiles before and if u put them in water the water turns red so im not sure what is in them to do that. I could be thinking of a diff sub but not sure.

I too would love to know if there is a better bedding.
Posted By: Guerita135

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/08/09 04:26 PM

I'm waiting to hear back from the manufaturer of the substrates to see if the sani-chips and Jungle Bed will be good for mealies.

Anyone else have any input? I was hoping more people might be interested in finding a safer, less mold-prone bedding for mealie farming. :\
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/10/09 12:40 AM

Nicole Coconut will most certainly mold.. you dont want to use that!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/10/09 12:51 AM

I use oatmeal? Like Quaker oats?

I'm sure they could mold as well though...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/10/09 01:13 AM

Yeah I think anything CAN mold... but I do not Coconut bedding will mold pretty quick.. I used it to retain humidity for my Day Gecko and I stopped cause it got uckky pretty quick!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/10/09 01:14 AM

Jen I hear Oatmeal was a good bedding too... Nicole??
Posted By: Guerita135

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/10/09 01:24 AM

I've heard that the USDA regulations allow for up to 20ppm of aflatoxins in oatmeal...

What about the cypress chips Kris?

Also, are you referring to the shredded coconut fibers or the chunks of the husk? I use the chunks for my supers and have never had any problems with moisture. If anything, it dries out way too fast. tounge
Posted By: anjill_tree

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/10/09 01:40 AM

I use baby oatmeal, and wheat germ. Then place apple or carrots over night only, then take it out in am and make sure air can flow freely through the container, but keep temp about 77. Stir all your worms and bedding every day carefully. You'll have moist plump worms.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/10/09 01:41 AM

The shredded fibers is what i used... never tried the husks.

Marc uses cypress chips for his snakes.. and says he loves it.. he sprays water in their cages daily and has never seen mold.. I'm sure though anything would of course unattended but youre anal like he is! LOL
Posted By: Guerita135

Re: Alternative mealworm bedding - 09/10/09 02:08 AM

I read on the net that the shredded stuff(comes in a brick that you have to soak in water) gets moldy fast. The stuff I use(the NYWorms recommended) is the stuff in the link above. It's chunks of coconut bark. So, it provides shelter and will suck up any moisture, but it gets lots of air circulation, so it dries out way before mold would ever get a chance to form.

Do you think the cypress would be okay and healthy for mealies to chew on(since they tend to eat their bedding)? The coconut husk, I assume, is probably healthy. My supers eat it, but I wasn't sure about the wood.

I'm still waiting for a response from the company...
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