Determining Mosaics

Posted By: Biscuit

Determining Mosaics - 01/08/13 06:31 PM

I am doing some Mosiac homework and I am looking at the various types of mosiacs. I know what a ringtail mosaic is. However, I see that there are various mosiacs including:
Mosiac Calico
Mosiac Piebald
Mosiac Marble
Mosiac with reverse white stripe
White Mosiac

So, how are these differentiated??? Visuals would be awesome! clap

Posted By: BeckiT

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/08/13 08:10 PM

This is my Mozeby who is a reverse white stripe and his older brother Akiyo who is a white mo (he looks leu other than a handful of hard to notice gray hairs on his back and his spotted ears).

Description: Mozeby
Attached picture image.jpg

Description: Akiyo
Attached picture image.jpg
Posted By: Dancing

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/08/13 08:47 PM

This is my white MO, Panda. He didn't start out this white. He had a LOT of grey on him but "powdered" as he got older. Now, he looks like a leu except for a grey dot on his forehead where a bald spot would be. And that grey dot is getting smaller all the time.

His joey photo is on TPG database under Panda.

Description: Panda
Attached picture Panda 006.jpg
Posted By: ChrissysGliderz

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/08/13 09:11 PM

Here are a few of my mosaics smile

My Piebald Girl

Ringtail Mosaic

Posted By: stefaniey86

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/08/13 10:07 PM

White MO akiah and kioki



Ringtail MO Ignite and Jade

Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/08/13 10:59 PM

Ok, I'm still lost... What makes a piebald a piebald??? dunno
Posted By: stefaniey86

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/08/13 11:14 PM

In simple terms its a MO with dark markings in special chrissy's glider above.....see the female white MO/pied in the wheel, look at the back hind thigh, she has a special marking...that is the way i'm taking it
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/08/13 11:27 PM

stephanie86, I don't see how Akaih can be considered a white mosaic when she has so much silver color. I would call her a silver mosaic.

A white mosaic should be predominately white with just a couple of grey hairs or a couple of spots. For the most part, they should look like a leucistic glider.
Posted By: nancy1202

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/09/13 12:13 AM

I was going to post the same thing. She is very pretty though!

Here is a white mo:
Posted By: stefaniey86

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/09/13 12:30 AM

OK that works i just figured she was a white MO LOL thank you for telling me differently smile
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/09/13 02:24 AM

Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Determining Mosaics - 01/12/13 07:58 PM

I found this website pretty helpful (has both pictures & small descriptions of color variations). Just wanted to share the site:
Posted By: Paisley

Re: Determining Mosaics - 03/17/13 07:38 PM

Wow thanks for this thread! I am getting a little Mosaic boy and I love all these variations. Mosaics are definitely my favorite! I would LOVE a piebald!
Posted By: rvtjess

Re: Determining Mosaics - 03/17/13 08:25 PM

I know I have a mosaic boy. I know he has a ring tail. But he also looks piebald. Can they be both? What would you call him (a piebald ringtail mo?). The breeder said he would lighten up as he aged.

Sorry it isn't a better picture, from those of you who've read my "Pouch Protective" thread may understand why pics of him are few and far between!
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