lion vs buttercream ? ? ?

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lion vs buttercream ? ? ? - 08/12/09 05:21 AM

I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what the difference between the lion color and the buttercream color is? I have seen pics but it is hard to tell any difference in the pics. Also I have been told that it only takes one lion parent to make lion babies, does anyone know if this is the same for buttercreams or if it takes both parents? Thanks in advance
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Re: lion vs buttercream ? ? ? - 08/12/09 05:43 AM

It only takes one buttercream to produce it. Lion and buttercream are both variations of grey. I was told by another breeder that the white face blondes came about by pairing white faces to buttercreams and if you pair a buttercream to a white face blonde you'll get blonder white faces. I don't know if that's true or not though.
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Re: lion vs buttercream ? ? ? - 08/12/09 05:52 AM

Is there a difference in color, such as the lion being more golden and the buttercream being lighter? Cuz in the pics I have seen they look exactly the same
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Re: lion vs buttercream ? ? ? - 08/12/09 06:05 AM

There are some good pictures and descriptions here
Buttercreams usually are a light creamy yello color to a butterscotch color with red/brown markings.
Lions range from a light honey color to a golden honey color with males typically being darker. The thing that I've noticed with lions is that their markings look faded and they have these perfect eye rings and a round face.
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Re: lion vs buttercream ? ? ? - 08/13/09 01:23 AM

So I would assume since the two colors are so similar in color that you wouldn't want to breed the two, otherwise you might not be able to tell what the baby is?
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